Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekly Boots Deals

I love how Boots have those machines that you put your card into and it spits out coupons! There is nothing better than saving money, right girls? Well this week, the coupons are:

* 100 extra points when you buy any No 7 lipstick

* Spend £35 (which is so easy to do here) and get an extra 250 points

* Free 17 Eye dazzle with any other 17 cosmetics product

* 100 extra points when you spend £8 or more on facial skincare

There are also other displays and other sales going on as well.
I saw if you spend £5 or more on any boots botanics hair care items, you get a £5 No 7 coupon.  That's not so bad, especially if you are going to buy it anyways, so essentially it will be FREE.

And what's my motto? Free is my favourite 4 letter F word :p

On a completely different tangent...I noticed someone from my old hometown, Upper Darby PA was on my blog.  WOW! Talk about flash from my past.  I haven't been back there since 1998!  So whoever you are, what's up?! hailing all the way from my old stomping ground xx

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