Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lancome Ombre Absolue Eye shadow in Erika F

I have been obsessed with green eyeshadow these days, but more in particularly this metallic army mossy green.  I'm still waiting for the Chanel illusions ombress in Epatant to hit the stores on August 15th, so this will have to take care of my lemming until then.  I heard a lot of people compare this with Benefit's skinny jeans, but frankly Benefit doesn't work very well with my skin.  I love their packaging, but it just doesn't last on my skin to be honest.  Anyways, this is an old eye shadow, that was only available here in the UK.  You can see the packaging is even different than the states.  Before I moved here, I had a friend pick this up for me, and I have used it sparingly since I know it's quite rare.

This is Erika F by Lancome.

It is frosty/metallic, but on the eyes it isn't as metallic, it is almost a grey green, so people who shy away from green eyeshadow can really use this.

I do want to note that I got before learning that L'oreal owns Lancome, and because of that, I no longer support Lancome.  I just can not support a company that still does animal testing.  I don't care if it's required by law or not, but my belief is that if they are putting something in makeup that could be hazardous to humans that they have to test it first on animals, well then they shouldn't be using that ingredient to begin with.

I understand that not everybody will share this belief, so that is why I'm still swatching it, because I do believe that everyone has their own opinion.  Needless to say, as much as I like this eyeshadow, I will not be repurchasing due to L'oreal's animal testing procedures.

What colours are you currently loving?

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  1. How similar is this shade to MAC's Greensmoke?