Monday, August 15, 2011

My TJ Hughes Closing Down Haul Part deux

I couldn't resist. I heard they were closing on thursday, so I had to have one last go before the doors shut forever.  I actually came out with more than I'm showing you, but I'm only showing the items that I will be keeping.  I spent £4.81 and walked out with 10 items.  You can't knock that right? LOL :)  

Everything is soooo pink (not on purpose lol)

Alright, so this is half of my haul, and like i said, I paid £4.81 for everything. So everything was a super duper bargain. So I got...

1.  Urban Decay eyeshadow in Heat - there was no price sticker, so the lady rang it up as 50p
2.  W7 matte lipgloss - you know I love these, so I'm so glad to have gotten another one
3.  Nail clippers - I know, not exciting but necessary lol
4.  Herbal essence fruit fusions citrus duft conditioner - this was only 60p so I couldn't resist.
5. Model Co Colourbox Bronze trio palette - I think this was 90p (again bargain!)
6.  Maybelline express finish nail polish in flash cosmic - I couldn't resist the iridescent blue flakies, can you???

So this was my haul.  If you haven't gone down to TJ Huges, run now and get the bargains! Everything is 50-70% off. If you find someone nice like I did to ring you up, they will give stuff to you for 50p, because they are just too busy to check the price.

Also while I was making my routine stop in Boots, I noticed that with any 2 Models own product, you can get a free Liliac nail polish (rrp £5).  I thought that was a great deal.  Personally, I'm waiting for their 50% sale.

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