Monday, August 1, 2011

MAC Lipstick Swatches: Cherish, 4N, Hue, Blankety, Creme Cup, Myself

I'm doing some major cleaning house, and I am a bit overwhelmed with all the lipsticks that I have. Especially when they are all looking the same.  One brand that I honestly have gone off is MAC makeup.  Just like a lot of brands, I'm really sick of all the fakes saturating the 2nd hand market (ebay & makeupalley) and I just don't want to deal with them anymore.  Sure it's not their fault, but I just realised that when something becomes that popular, the demand gets greater, and eventually quality begins to fall. Having said that, I think MAC has one of the best marketing teams in the beauty market today, and they sure know how to lure in a customer.  This is frankly why I stay away, because it is so easy to drop $100 in there without blinking an eye.

Today I wanted to show you some of the lipsticks that I have in a certain colour palette: the nudey, shimmery, pinky/peachy shades that I absolutely love to wear in the day time.

Here they are:
Cherish, 4N, Blankety, Creme Cup, Hue, and Myself

All the textures are lovely and creamy.
MAC lippies tend to be on the moist creamy side, a little why I don't like their lip glass, it's just far too sticky for me. But their lipsticks are just the right amount of moisture.

My pictures make these look a bit more orangey/peachy then they really are, the first 2 are bit more nude/beige.

My favourite lipsticks are by far Blankety and Creme Cup.
they just really give me that nice blend between pink and beige/nude that I absolutely love to wear during the day time.

The others are all going to go up on my blog sale.  They are all lovely;
I just have far too many lippies to go through this year.

My other favourites by MAC are Impassioned and Girl About Town
What's your favourite MAC lippie?

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