Monday, August 22, 2011

Dior Purple Revolution Nail Polish

I had this big plan in my head to show you this nail art that I did, but alas I don't have a stripper yet so everything failed miserably.  So sorry that I don't have anything fun to show you today. I did however take photos prior to doing the nail art, so at least I am able to show you Dior's Purple Revolution.

It is a deep dark vampy purple.  At first glance it looks like black nail polish, but the basis of this polish is definitely a lovely vampy dark purple.  I have many plans for this polish as a substitute to the usual straight black polish.  The brush is amazing and it provides a one stroke coverage. It took 2 thing coats to give me this flawless finish.

What's everyone wearing today??

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  1. I almost put this on as well!! But I changed my mind at the last minute. Maybe later this week. :P

  2. Great minds think a like!
    I love that brush, I think I really put it on because of that brush lol