Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Got no money for a palette? DIY it!

You may or may not have read my previous post about how my Z-palette fell apart on me.  I blogged about it, and got an angry e-mail from the company stating they wouldn't help me, because I wrote a nasty post about them.  Fair enough, but I also refuse to be sent idle threats for speaking my voice about a faulty palette, so I have decided to make my own for the time being.  

I could as easily go and purpose another empty palette from Unii cosmetics.  I happen to really like their design, and I believe I won't have the same issues with this palette as I did with Z Palette, because the materials are different.

But I'd rather spend the $29 right now on other makeup and beauty products, so I decided to skimp, and make my own palette for the time being.

This is actually going to help me use up some of my eye shadows that I need to use up anyways.  So I made this home-made palette that I take with me, so I'm forcing myself into another Project 10 pan - ECK!!!!!

Anyways, here is my quickly done DYI palette...of course you crafty ladies out there can do a much better job, but you get the idea.


Yep, it's a cd case. I know, who even listens to cd's these days? But my house is filled with all sorts of media right now, so I am taking advantage of it.  Just pop out the cd holder inside, and glue on your eyeshadows.  I didn't have materials, so I ended up using scrapbook stickers to cover the ugly back.  It's not the nicest, but it will do the job, and I can now spend my $29 that I would have spent on another palette on new makeup! woohoo!

What sort of DIY palettes have you made?

**Edit: So after a few months of using this, I got tired of it because it looked so ugly, so I basically pulled out all the eye shadows, put all the Dior ones into a Muji pill case, and the rest that cracked into pieces were crushed together into pigments, so now I use the as loose pigments.  I am still looking for palette ideas, as I refuse to buy a palette lol***


  1. Great idea. Ah what morons emailing you that. Actually rather disgusting on thier behalf I will def never buy from them.


  2. It was shocking, but they will never get another penny from me !!