Saturday, April 3, 2010

My first Phyto product & other goodies

I needed a major pick me up last week, so when I saw having their gwp with purchase, I jumped on it.
I picked up my first Phyto product. I guess I always stayed away because it was so expensive, so I picked a product that I could use for a while. This pre wash treatment oil was perfect. I tried it last night and it just felt like I was putting olive oil on my hair. After 20 minutes of leaving it on, i washed it out. You shampoo and condition like you always would and I didn't blow dry my hair which I always do for volume. Well, I didn't need to because my hair felt very thick and super soft. I am very very happy about this product. At $30, I think it was worth it because I can see myself using this product for the next 6 months.

The next item i got was an empty lipstick palette from Japonesque. It has 36 slots and comes in his black plastic case. It cost $24, it was very flimpsy. I'm going to keep it however because I got so many MAC lipsticks that are down to the end. The case comes with a scooper, so I scooped out the remainder of 4 of my lispticks. Melted it for 10 seconds in the microwave and poured it into my lipstick palette. So the case did it's job. I just wish for $24 it was sturdier.

Now onto more sample goodies. I am in the middle of fighting with because the samples they advertised online did not come with the gwp. I wouldn't mind if the substitutes were of equal value, but I didn't think they were.
Here are the pictures. Most of the samples will be going into my ebay beauty lot auction

OH! One last sample trio. It came with a shampoo, conditioning mask and botanical cream.
With any purchase of a Phyto product, I got this trio set. Very cute!