Thursday, June 27, 2013

Glastonbury, Here I come

I was thrilled to hear that DH has a gig at Glastonbury (of all places!), so of course I was more concerned about what to wear than I was how we are getting there lol (don't worry it's all sorted). I ho and hummed about what to wear to this haven of music, fashion, and debauchery :)

Initially I was going for a Karl Lagerfield camo dress with my Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Rain Boots (otk wellies) and a cheapy black hooded rain jacket

It was going to be a simple, urban camo outfit, no fuss and really just something comfy but I thought slightly fashionable.

I was all set until I went shopping with a friend who I'm going to Glastonbury with as well and I made the "mistake" of walking into All Saints.

Needless to say that I left a few pennies in there (money from my cruise fund, oops) and the All Saints dress kicked the Karl Lagerfeld's dress back into my closet.

The All Saint Amei dress in black is what I'll be rocking at Glastonbury. I love the drapery of it and it's softer than the camo dress despite being black.  I love black, and although this may not be the typical Glastonbury outfit, I have to be true to myself. I've never been and never will be one for flourescent clothes with daisies in my hair :)

You can get the Amei dress for £98 in black or £70 in the menthe colour here.

I'm going to rock the dress with these tights and of course the JC boots.
I was able to get my tights on sale at TK Maxx last year, so check your local TK Maxx or even ebay for these.

Off to Glastonbury ladies! See you in July x

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gold Zipper Water Decal Swatches & Review from Born Pretty Store

I picked the gold zipper water decals to review for two main reasons: First, I love anything gold on my nails and second because I never used water decals before. So when Born Pretty Store contacted me, they were kind enough to send these for me to try and boy do I love them!

My photos are a bit overexposed and the photos didn't come out exactly as I wanted them too, but they are just absolutely amazing water decals that were very easy to use and the end result was fabulous.

The water decals are from a company called Artmaze and they 15 water decals.

Here are the instructions and basically I followed them exactly as they wrote except that I didn't have to blow dry them :)

I cut the 5 designs that I wanted with scissors

I used my manicure bowl and filled it up with water and dunked the water decals in them for 10 seconds and fished them out with tweezers. I then took the tweezers and peeled off the decal from the paper and applied it onto my finger as such.

I then took a piece of paper towel and dabbed the water off and let it sit on my nail for another 10 seconds while I pressed it down with my fingers

and topcoat on and let it dried immediately and I didn't have to blow dry the decal either. It was so easy and the end result was so fabulous. My friend who came over even said "Are those zippers on your nails" Oh yes they are my friend, yes they are :)

What I like about these is that there is no messing about like there is with stamping and because they are not stickers they actually don't raise from the surface and you actually have a few seconds after you place it on your nails to move it around if you wanted too.  I thought they were so easy to use and I really enjoyed them. I think I'm a little addicted to water decals now.
Time to go search for some more!

They come in both gold and silver too.

These water decals can be purchased here for $2.99 (free worldwide shipping)

and you can also get 10% off by using my code "SUEG10" at checkout :)


Chanel Iphone Case Review from Born Pretty Store

I won't deny how much I love Chanel. There is such an appeal and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way :) So when Born Pretty Store contacted me to review some products, I definitely knew that one of the products that I wanted to review was their Chanel Iphone cases.  You get a choice of many different colours, but Holiday by Chanel happens to be one of my favourite colours of ALL time, so I was really happy to see that it was one of their options. 

The case arrived and I immediately ripped open the package and put it on my phone. It fit perfectly! The case is very high gloss and is bound to get people's attention.  I just happen to love Chanel so something about having this as my phone case is very fun and quirky.

I couldn't resist grabbing my bottle of Holiday to put next to it. Sure it's the exact same colour and my photos made it look a little more red than it is, but who's a HUGE Chanel Nail Polish bottle - How Fierce is that?!?!?!! 

Here are some more angle shots

Overall the case is very sturdy. Even my DH commented on what a good case it was because of how sturdy the plastic was.  I told him that it's a huge Chanel bottle and he just shook his head at me (men, they just don't get it sometimes)

The case is also washable as it has a high gloss protectant on top.

They have a variety of colours to choose from, so check it out here.

I love it so much and big thanks to Born pretty for kindly sending this to me for review.  I'm really pleased with this case and deciding which colour to buy.

This case is $8.39 (with free worldwide shipping), but if you use the code "SUEG10"  you can save 10% :)


Monday, June 3, 2013

A England Roses Jewellery Collection: Welcome to a-england's rose garden

I believe everyone who is into nail polish knows of A England polishes? If not, check them out here.  They are known for their amazing formulas and their artistically and poetically inspired nail polish collections.

But has everyone heard of their new jewellery collection in collaboration with Kristin M. London?

A new collection of fine jewellery is born! 
Welcome to a-england's rose garden:

When I was on the A-england site (drooling over the beautiful polishes), I saw a new tab that I never saw before called "Roses". What a pleasant surprise when I saw it was a fine jewellery collection (nail polish soon to come).  As you all may know that my taste in jewellery is normally loud and ostentatious, but there is something so captivating about this collection.  It's delicate and feminine (two adjectives that I wouldn't necessarily describe myself to be) and mystical.  

I particularly love the Rose Gold Rose with Thorn necklace. 

"The natural beauty of the rose flower with thorn on a delicate silver chain. Dainty and graceful Sterling silver plated in 18 ct rose gold. rose 13mm x25mm chain 52cm"


Normally, Jewellery pieces with roses just have the beautiful blossom on it, but I particularly like the additional of the thorn stem. Something so beautiful yet so painful.  Isn't that the true nature of love?

I love this collection and had to share with you all.  You can view all the pieces on A England's website:

The best way to describe this collection is by reading what A England celebrates.

"a passion for england: its light, utterly romantic weather, somehow gothic charm and glory"

There is nothing like the Rose (national flower of England) that speaks more true to this gothic charm that Adina speaks about.  As a non-British person, I find it alluring, captivating, and utterly romantic.

I have purchased A England polishes for friends, but my very first A England polish is actually on it's way. I bought Fated Prince today.  I am beyond excited to get this and looking forward to owning a black based holographic/prismatic polish.  Another perk of ordering through their website is that postage is free. Now, what are you all waiting for?

What's your favourite A England Rose Jewellery piece? or A England nail polish?