Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NOTD: Chanel Alchimie

Oh how I miss my camera.  I actually had a chance to do my nails on a regular basis so I'm falling in love with some oldies.  Can you call Alchimie an oldie yet? The nail world moves so fast with so many polishes coming in at an alarming rate. I just can't keep up (and neither can my bank account).

Today I wanted to share Alchimie.  It's very similar to Peridot, but without a duo chrome finish.  This metallic finish on this gives this earthy neutral a nice glammed up look.  I like this type of green polish over the others and I've been sporting it lately.  

I love Chanel polishes so much. What's not to love...The bottles, the textures, the tones, and the formulas. They do things just so right.  With any metallic finish, you will get streaky lines, but this one isn't too bad.

This photo is taken with flash at night.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Currently - January 2014

Perfumes, The Guide by Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez

Anything from the Metalheadz Label
Dillon - thirteen thirtyfive (deniz kurtel ruya remix) - seriously this tune is on repeat
Goyte - Hearts a Mess

The Office (US version) Season 9 on repeat in the background
I'm not big on t.v.

I got a few Christmas goodies that I'm very eager to start using (Guerlain Terra Nerolia). I'm still rocking the bright red lips in January and black eyeliner. I've started to smudge it out to make it a bit more smokey than feline flick.

Black dresses, black tights, Acne Comet boots with my H&M army green parka.  I'm carrying my Vivienne Westwood x Cambridge Satchel bag and my VW x Lush scarf as well.

Craving the crispy and crunchy

Water with Lemon

Making sense of what just happened in 2013


My two week cruise into the Med in June :)

Givenchy Rotweiler Accessories & IPAD

I wonder when we will find our next home

Christmas Haul and Swap Reveal Photos

Happy 2014 everyone!  I am officially on holiday so I'm sitting here in my PJ's in total hibernation mode.  I finally gathered up all my haul and swap items in December and can now do a proper post about all the things that I purchased or swapped for.

I've been working on downsizing my stash and swapping for items that I will use, so I'm very proud that I managed to get all my beauty stash into my makeup unit on my vanity and an IKEA Helmer :)

**Warning: Long post :) and apologies for the iphone pics, my camera is broke**

Let's start with my favourite purchase of the season!
Acne Comet Boots (purchased from Harrods)
I recently posted about this, but they are finally here. I wore them to work for 2 days and they were so comfortable and I received so many compliments ::blush::
My only grievance is that the box is pretty standard and flimsy. For boots that originally cost over £400, I expected a little bit more.

Do you see that bright bag in the background? I also treated myself to the 
Vivienne Westwood vs. Cambridge Satchel Company bag  
(purchased from The Cambridge Satchel Company in Covent Garden)
These bags are so sturdy and well constructed. I just fell in love with the energy and vibrancy of this design.  My friend who bought this for me told me to go for this one instead of the brown one that I was initially going to go for.

Continuing with the Vivienne Westwood theme...
Lush x Vivienne Westwood Scarves 
 (purchased from my local Lush shop)
These were very limited and I'm happy to have secured both.

Guerlain Terra Nerolia Highlighter 
(purchased from Debenhams)
I was shocked to see this at 50% off as usually these limited edition products sell out before they can even go on sale.  I love the Guerlain palettes so much. They smell so fresh and fruity and the craftsmanship is so stunning.

A few more purchases for the New Years
I didn't want to pay the money for a Louis Vuitton refill in my agenda, so I headed to TK Maxx in hopes to find the Taschen Calendar Diary and Viola! there were tons. Many years ago at Uni, I purchased a Dali one and I loved it. The pages are filled with a lot of graphics and the paper is high gloss and sturdy.  It will last all year and it's worth the £5.99 price tag as well.

Also included in this photo are Muji pens. A co-worker gave these to me and I accepted with a huge smile on my face :)

The next item was a bargain find on ebay for only 99p. 
The Ninja Bunny Drawstring bag is very kawaii! I currently use it as my makeup bag.  

The last of my purchases before I move onto my swap reveal...

Lush Shower Gels: Ponche, Rose Jam, and Snow Fairy
My favourite of the three has always been Snow Fairy, but I had to get Rose Jam and Ponche for their unique scents.  Ponche is fresh orange juice and tequila and Rose Jam is a modern take on the traditional Rose smell.  Both are full of zest, freshness, and I love using them!  I had to stock up so I ended up buying 3 large bottles after I bought the travel sizes.
They are indeed limited edition, you can try your luck at your local Lush shop.

Ok ladies & gents, onto the swap reveals....

TheFACEShop Fruit Face Mask from Korea
I haven't tried them yet so can't comment, but these are actual cotton mask you put onto your face. They look a bit creepy, but fun ha!
(From L-R)

Caudalie Huile Divine OIl
I have only used their moisturisers before, but the oil smells "divine" for real!
Lucy Annabella Organics - Argan & Bergamot oil
I never heard of this brand, but the scent is fresh and I'm looking forward to using this on my legs tonight

S5 Purity Serum
This is another brand that I haven't heard of. I'm in love with oils and serums lately, so happy to give this one a try

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit hand cleanser
Anyone who knows me that I don't support the Body shop since they were recently bought out by L'oreal.  I will say though that this hand sanitizer leaves an orange scent on your hand for a long time.

Escada Cherry In The Air (gift)
If you like sweet and uncomplicated perfumes that borderline body sprays, then this one is for you.

Ren Neroli & Grapefruit body cream 
I love Neroli so much! It is actually moisturising as well. I know Ren had a huge marketing presence when they first launched so I'm excited to finally try this before investing in money

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (only £2.99 from
I couldn't believe how inexpensive this was on fragrancedirect as Boots and Superdrugs is selling it far more.  I actually love using this foundation on days where I'm just running to the supermarket.

Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil 
This was a free tester from my friend at the Clarins counter. The oil is so pure and rich. I put this on my face but wasn't so keen on the heaviest of it, so I will be using this in my hair.

Fresh Mangosteen Soap (gift)
I am happy to see that Fresh is still up and running. It's very difficult to get Fresh here in the UK, so a friend sent this to me as a gift. I currently have so much soap that I'm not sure when I'm going to use this one, but soon for sure.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin perfume (gift)
Jo Malone is one of those brands that keeps growing. I'm not sure if they are growing too fast or not as their scents are becoming far too predictable; however, this one is very different and unique.  Just my kind of perfume.

MAC muscle tone nail polish (gift)
I always forget about MAC products, especially MAC nail polish.  This one takes 4 coats to make opaque

Perfume Guide from Luca Turin and Tanya Sanchez
I swapped for this book and I'm so happy to have it. The book goes over both high street and niche perfumes with humour, great insight, and knowledge. I've enjoyed reading this and feel very inspired to grow my perfume collection

MAC 217 Blending Brush was a gift. It's such a great blending brush. It's soft and blends shadow without striping the colour.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Medium Beige 
I swapped for this as it's one of my HG foundations.  I love using this on it's own in the summer or on top of my liquid foundation during the winter.  This is honestly an amazing foundation that highlights skin that is maturing (aka my skin now :(  )

Well that's all folks! These are the products that I will be working through along with my stash.  I'm really making an effort not to purchase too much but purchase quality products that I can enjoy using all year. 

I'd love to know what your fav purchase was in 2013? and Happy New Years to new and old readers.  May 2014 be filled with lovely products and happiness x

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Christmas Haul and Beauty pressies

Happy Holidays everyone!  I had a chance to spend Christmas day doing some much needed retail therapy.  In between eating ridiculous amounts of food, I was doing nothing else but online shopping. I was very happy about this and grabbed a few highly sought after items for 50% off of rrp.  I could have bought so much this year, but I'm restraining myself from impulse buys (it's so very hard lol).

My first purchase was the Comet Boots by Acne on the Harrod's Boxing Day Sale which started a day early. I am praying that these fit me.  These are the type of boots that you have for life and at 50% off RRP, I just had to have them. 

The next impulse buy was the Guerlain Terra Nerolia highlight palette that I have given up ever owning. It appeared for 50% off on Debenhams, and I just knew I had to grab it. Look at that beautiful craftsmanship and I just know this is the kind of shimmer that my winter face just needs!

I also wanted to share some of the beauty products that my co-workers have bought me as well. They know me so well :)

I received:
The Penahligon's  Ladies Fragrance Collection Set
Clarins Eau des Jardins Smoothing Body Cream
MAC polish in Muscle Tone
Escada Cherry In The Air perfume
Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne Sample

I will most definitely do a blog review on the Penhaligon's fragrance sample next. I couldn't believe they got me this beautiful set.  What more could a perfume addict want?

The MAC polish is a lovely nude colour that I am actually going to wear today.  Cherry in the Air is a very light and sweet fragrance. I will probably use it as a room freshener more so than a fragrance.  The Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin is exactly the type of zesty unique scent that I need during these cold winter days.  The Clarins body cream is a very light gel like cream and I'm looking forward to taking this with me on my cruise to use :)

So these are the little pressies that I treated myself and was treated to this Christmas.  I was involved in several swaps online this year. It was a lot of fun and a great way to try new products.  I also spent most of my Christmas money at Lush and did a major hoard (which I didn't put on this post as I'm going to re-gift most of it anyways). I realize I need to calm down and step back in the new year and sort out my Lush stash! haha.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and please share with me your favourite purchases and gifts of Christmas 2013.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amsterdam Trip & Beauty Shopping

About a month ago, I went to Amsterdam on a work trip and was able to spend sometime in the city by myself.  It was odd being in a city alone, despite having co-workers around. On one hand, I felt I should mingle, but on the other hand, I wanted to explore a city on my own.  I have never done that before, so this was a perfect chance for me to do so.

Being selfish about wanting to go to the shops I wanted to go to and see the museums that I wanted to go to, I ventured out by myself on a cold winters day.  Amsterdam was very easy to walk around. 

L-R: Canals, Rembrandt museum, view from my hotel windows, an amazing pastry I bought at a local stop one late night yum, and artifacts that Rembrandt collected himself
My favourite part of Amsterdam happened to be the Rembrandt Museum.  The best part was the etching workshop that I did at the Rembrandt museum.  There was something very interesting and unique about doing etchings in the same place where he did his etchings. What a genius! Oh and the canals.  I tourist-y, but that's what I was that day. I walked around eating from local shops.  I didn't get photos of the vintage shops that I went into, but there were so many.  Unfortunately, I thought the prices were too high for what they were so I ended up buying only some Dutch chocolates and a Koh Crystal Nail File.

I've heard so much about Koh nail polish and a few years ago I was obsessed about getting some (this was of course when I still lived in America).  When I went into Douglas, the Koh display was so dusty and not cleaned and it looked as cheap as some of the drugstore displays.  I didn't get any polishes.  They were beautiful, but it just wasn't worth the hefty price tag.

Crystal Nail File from Koh

Still very expensive at 27 euros, but I realised that it is something that I will use constantly that isn't a tacky souvenirs that every tourist gets.  The quality the crystal file is amazing.  It is heavy, and beautifully made; however, it makes an awful noise on my nails that reminds me of when someone runs their nails on a chalkboard.  The key is to file slowly and take your time.  For that reason, I give this a 7 out of 10.  I didn't realise that a crystal nail file would make that noise on my nails. If I would have known, I wouldn't have purchased this, but at least it's a beautiful item for me to have and use and will always remind me of my trip to Amsterdam.