Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tokidoki for smashbox - Modella

Here is another e-bay purchase at a bargain price of only $4 with shipping included from Canada! I know I'm a bit late in the game and this has been around for awhile. I like tokidoki (in moderation) and this is my only tokidoki item that I own. I'm not crazy about smashbox makeup, but at the price this cute palette was going for, I couldn't resist myself.

I am not a light blue eyeshadow girl at all, so I'm curious about how I'm going to wear this palette. After swatching it, I really believe that the quality is lacking in the pigmentation of the eyeshadows, but the packaging is so adorable that I will probably end up regifting it to one of my friends.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dior Diva VIP 1000 point gift

So, I finally did it ladies! Here for your viewing pleasures are the gifts that are included in the 1000 point redemption program by Christian Dior Beaute. WHAT A REDEMPTION PROGRAM. I just got all this stuff just for shopping with them. In my opinnion, it's the best rewards program out there. Each $1 equals to 1 point and there are different levels of rewards. I saved all my points for the highest reward. I'm very glad I did.

I got the following beauties...
1) Dior suitcase makeup case
2) Miss Dior cherie mini parfum
3) J'adore spray sample
4) Diorshow powder blush in 003
5) Dior iconic mascara
6) Quint in sunset cafe (which sadly came broken)
7) Last but not least a limited edition Diorlight jewelled makeup necklace for the lips (STUNNING!)

This was such a delight to come home to today after a hard day at work!