Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clinique Redness Solutions Corrector Review

Clinique's Redness solution range is one of the first solution ranges that I went for.  I am still using my redness solution powders from last year.  This range is widely available at your nearest department store,, Boots, and other places where you would find a Clinique counter.  They are like the Starbucks of cosmetics.  I grabbed mine from Sephora from the states right before I moved to the UK.

I suffer from redness around my cheeks and discoloration all over my face due to previous acne scaring, therefore, I take skincare and cover up makeup extremely serious.  I spare no cost, and I try many different ranges in order to find what works the best for me.

This corrector was only £17/$19.50, so I was extremely happy to purchase this.  This is my experience with this product.

* Easy to use cream formula - this came in a wind up stick concealer that could be applied directly onto your skin, with your finger tips, or concealer brush.
* Affordable - Usually any corrector adds on a few more bucks
* Readily accessible
* The yellow pigmented concealer did conceal redness

* Heavy and slightly cakey - as someone who doesn't like to feel like her pores are clogged, this formula as too heavy for my liking
* Comes in only one colour, so it definitely has to be used under your foundation
* It didn't feel like I got a lot of product for what I paid for it. The redness solution powder was slightly more, but you get tons of product

My honest opinion is that this product is effective, but due to the heavy formula, I will not be repurchasing this product again.  It's quite a shame as I do like Clinique products and if this product did work on me, I could easily pick it up at my nearest Boots.

Have you used this product? How did you get on with it?

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish in L-jay Review & Swatches

Today's NOTD and review is the Filthy Gorgeous nail polish in L-Jay.  I was able to grab this polish from the Debenham's clearance rack for a bargain basement price of £1.80.  The original retail is £9 for these 10ml little pretties, so I couldn't resist the bargain.

I am going to first go over what I like about this brand.

* 3 free - Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free
* Attention to packaging and effort to stick out from the run of the mill nail polish package - youthful and playful with their guitar pick charm, black & silver handle, and ornate typography
* Great color pay off
* 2 coat opaqueness - not watery or thin at all

Now...because I got this polish from the clearance rack, I don't want too negative on the product as perhaps the item was defected; however, I must share with you the CONS from my personal experience.

* 10ml bottle at £9 rrp.  To me, that is a little steep for a 10ml bottle
* As cute as the guitar pick charm is, I believe the rubber band that goes over the neck of the bottle prevented the bottle to be shut properly and created an air pocket for the polish to turn gloopy

* Also, if you have any remnants of nail polish remover on your hands, do not touch the handle. The black ink will displace itself onto your fingers

And honestly folks, that's the only two issues that I had with the bottle.  I know one of the issues was my fault as I had some nail polish remover on my fingers, and the later could just be a factory defect that caused the polish to leak, but I just wanted to let you all know my experience with this polish.

I'm not complaining as I only spent £1.80, but I feel like I didn't get a real version of this range.  I did read up on this brand and love how they exude an aura of fun and camaraderie amongst women at their London spa.  I'm hoping to get a chance to stop by there for sure!

Last but not least, of course I wanted to show you how lovely the polish did look on my nail.  Whether you are sick of peach nails or not, I surely am not.  I love how feminine and flirty it is without it being the traditional pink nail polish (and you all know how I feel about pink lol).

What was your experience with Filthy Gorgeous nail polish?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick

I know I am many months behind when it comes to this product, but I also did end up saving tons of money by doing so :)

The Party Shimmer Brick is just a gorgeous highlighter and a collector's item.  I promised myself that I would stop buying things because they were "pretty" and to actually buy them to use them.  This is going to be tough as this palette is super cute.

This palette is separated into a gold and silver highlighter.  I assume you can use this as a face highlighter or any way you wish.  The imprints are simple, but brings an air of festivities, so it was perfect for last winter's collection. 

However, when blended together, it creates a gorgeous platinum colour that I believe not only suits us during the winter, but definitely now in the summer also.  It doesn't lean too gold for those who are cool-toned and it's suitable for those who are warm-toned as well.  It's versatile and practical on top of being adorable.

Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush in All Nighter

I am so happy to hold in my hands a product by Rock & Republic.  I remember when they first came out and I also remember when they closed their doors.  A few weeks ago, my dear friend from the states sent this to me, and I'm so happy she did.

Let me start by saying (yet again) what a huge fan of good packaging I am.  I find it to be so important, so when I saw this massive packaging,  I fell in love.

All nighter is not the usual blush colour that I would go for; however, this summer, I have been really into oranges.  I'm talking about orange nails, orange trousers, orange tank tops...yes, I am loving a pop of orange with my all black and grey wardrobe.  

 I was highly impressed with the very pigmented blush and frankly slightly scared as I didn't know how this shade would look on my fair skin...


But....nothing scary happened, in fact, the opposite.  A gorgeous golden sheen appeared once I started to rub into it.  It was such a wonderful surprise, and stunning. This made it very wearable for me, and I think this is a must have for this summer!

I know these blushes are not available anymore other than ebay, so if you see this blush on there, you must give it a try. 

(Yikes, just noticed my naked nails on the pic above, not cool Sue! hahaha)

I will definitely try to find some more R&R blushes in the future!

Rituals Nail Polish Ambitious Amethyst, Sapphire Moon, and Sapphire Stone

Today's review is on Rituals nail polishes in Ambitious Amethyst, Sapphire Moon, and Sapphire Stone.  The only place that I have seen these products were in John Lewis and although I loved the sleekness of the bottles, I walked away without testing them once I saw the £9.50 price ticket attached to it.  Lucky for me, I managed to nab 3 polishes and a mascara for £9.99 at TK Maxx today.  Curiousity got the best of me, and now I have these three to swatch and test.

Best part of this nail polish is the packaging.  Sometimes, it's the little things that can make a huge difference.  

Does that also read "contains pure Ruby"? no freaking way, seriously? How is that even possible? But I am not complaining over here, I like that this polish is enriched with Ruby to strengthen my nails.

The minimalist bottle design works for me!

***Sorry that my camera is picking up on all the tiny particles of dust, yuck****

So does the short stubby brushes that works for easy handling. I just wonder what it's going to be like when I'm nearly finished the bottle? (Like that will ever happen lol).

Up first is Sapphire Stone...
This is my favourite colour out of the three.  It is a blue toned grey creme.  It did take two coats to make opaque while the others took just one layer.  It's not as rich as the others, but it dried quicker than the others. 

Next is Ambitious Amethyst...
I love this colour as it reminds me of a rich jewel tone grape.  The closest colour that I have to this is Julep's Gayle.  Formula wise, this polish has an amazing one coat opaque goodness.  I absolutely love this polish and very happy to be happy to swatch it for you all.

The last of the polishes is Sapphire Moon.  Sapphire Moon is a color that I have seen before many many times again.  I do love these dark midnight blue cremes with a slight shimmer; however, I think that I own like 4 or 5 others that are just like it.  I will however be very happy to keep it as the formula is once again superb and the drying time is very quick.

Overall, I can see why they market their polishes for £9.50 as the quality merits that price, but I found that other than Sapphire Stone, their colors were nothing too interesting to me personally.  I am hoping to be able to grab some more colors again at TK maxx for this price as it really was a bargain.

However, if you are interested, you can buy yours at John Lewis.

Having looked at the Rituals website, I am quite interested in trying their other products as well.  I do love the spa oriented, holistic, and Asian zen-like philosophy behind their products. 

Have you tried Rituals products? What's your favorite?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dita Von Teese for Art Deco

I dashed and shopped so fast after work today that I was seriously out of breath as soon as I got onto my bus. I ran to Debenhams to grab Chanel Frenzy and I seriously stopped in my track at the Art Deco vs. Dita Von Teese display.  

The shop was closing and my bus was about to leave in 2 minutes, so I couldn't really stop to take photos, but I did swipe the compact and OMG was it silky smooth! I am actually going back tomorrow, but I knew I had to blog about this.

I saw several different products that looked very interesting. The price points are average, and I'm pretty excited about this launch.

The iconic red lips of Dita is by far the most alluring product in this collection. At £18.50, I'm very hesitant to try as that's a very hefty price for a mid range brand such as Art Deco.

Having said that, there are other products that have peeked my interest.

retail: £19.50

Dita has sexy winged cat eyes all the time, and I'm excited to try this once I finish my MAC powerpoint


Retail: £29

This product feels so gorgeous. It is so silky and it is weightless.

retail £14.00

Although I feel that this price is pretty steep, these eyelashes will look so sexy on anyone

These are my picks from the Dita collection, but knowing me, I'll probably end up with the nail polishes and lipsticks LOL

Have you tried this line? What's your opinion on it?
Art Deco is now sold at Debenhams.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Elevation Polish - Toubkal Swatches & Review

There is something magical about being able to capture so much beauty into a little bottle of polish.  This is exactly the case with this special polish that arrived on my front step this week.  Lulu behind Elevation Polish, not only has an amazing eye for colour, but she also has the technical aspect pat down and as a result, EP provides excellent formulas.

I am so pleased to be able to blog about Toubkal.  It is a complex and gorgeous polish.  This is a photo heavy post, so please be ready :)

Toubkal is rich eggplant/magenta base with gorgeous shimmery gold flecks.  The formula is excellent and provides a smooth application.

One Coat

2 coats

Toubka is the polish that I wished OPI Teasey does it was.  The OPI version is blacker in the base, and therefore hinders the gold flecks from coming through.  They are similar, but Toubkal has a more vibrant purple base that compliments the flecks better.

I applied the OPI on the first two fingers, and EP on the middle and ring finger

According to Elevation Polish, this is an October colour, so check out her website and follow her for the latest information on Toubkal and other new colors.