Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NOTD: Makeup Academy MUA Nail Polish Shade 1

I love blues. That's really an understatment.  I remember back in 1998 wearing blue, and people calling me "goth". Oh how little they knew haha, but yes that's how much I love blue.  I tend to love a mysterious deep night blue with hidden shimmers.  And...that is exactly what I felt like wearing today.  

I believe that Shade 1 is THE BEST poilish from the MUA line.  It has dimensions in it that no other polish.  Now I'm talking just purely based on colour here.  But it is by far the most intricate and complicated of all the colours.  It has a dark blue (without looking black) with cobalt blue micro glitters.  it displays a duochrome electric purple in the sun, but doesn't translate to the nails.  I believe this hidden duochrome purple helps this polish remain blue and not black when you start layering the coats.

For £1, I can see why they had to skimp on the packaging and the brush.  The brush is horrible.  it winds outwards like a "skirt", and makes control of the polish difficult, but for this gorgeous colour, it is well worth it.  This colour looks far more expensive than £1 and that's a great thing for a cheap high street beauty product to do.

It is a nice and gloomy day today haha so the shimmer is definitely hidden, but it is there my friends. So next time you're in superdrugs, and if you are looking for a rich blue, definitely grab this one. 


  1. For a pound, I think that's gorgeous!
    Btw, loved the P&J nail polish. Never knew those were scented! Made a little blog post to thank you :)

  2. The P&J polishes get no love hehe - SO HAPPY you love it yaya!!!

  3. OMG the brushes ARE horrible.. makes me cry, but it's a beautiful color!

  4. Ha-ha. One should never cry over nail polish. :P

  5. OMG I love this color. It's amazing. It's too bad the brush isn't so great. It might make for a good nail art polish. I just bought some really great brushes.