Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish Trend

I haven't decided if this new nail trend is something that I like.  Yet, I'm still very drawn to the swatches online.  I think my hesitation with it is the actual design.  Just like the water marble, I find these designs to resemble a lot of patterns from the 60's. A look that I don't personally sport.  Yet, the nerd in me is really intrigued by the chemical compounds of the polish that actually shifts with a magnet.  How cool is that??????

Well if you find it cool like I do, there are so many brands that are currently releasing Magnetic polishes or have released are:  

* Nails Inc
* 17
* Essence
* L'oreal (star magnets)
* Layla

I guess I found the need to talk about this nail trend, because it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  I recently got this email yesterday, and I think whoever is in charge of these email blasts are doing a bang up job, and their spokesperson is just gorgeous! I'm so happy companies are using minority women and depict them in all their gorgeousness!

Taken from nailsinc

What do you think of this new trend???
Love it?
Hate it?


  1. omg, the magnetic trend is so cool! i really need this in my life, lol :)) ... seriously now, i like it a lot!
    and any excuse to buy more nail polish is fine with me too :D

  2. Mark my words, this will be the new replacement for crackle trends!

  3. I completely agree that it will replace crackle. Thank god (teehee)