Friday, September 30, 2011

Cult Nails Captivated

This is my very first Cult Nails.  A small niche company started by a former NP blogger/enthuaist.  That's pretty cool in itself.  Captivated is a densely packed glitter polish.  You either love it or hate it.   I love and admire anyone who can take a passion and run with it and start their own business out of it.  So for that alone, Cult Nails gets a A+ from me.

If you are a glitter lover, Cult Nails has many gorgeous glitters to choose from.  I use to be obsessed with glitter, but my test has been changing slightly.  I now only fancy wearing glitter if I'm going out at night. 

OK, no more are the pics of Cult Nails  Captivated over Ciate Kitten Heels.  As you can tell, the glitter is quite intense.


Blingtastic or what?

My camera hates glitter. It ends up blurring the photo, but you get an idea that it is densely packed.  I've been saving up for a new camera, just for this blog! So wish me luck so that I can provide more accurate shots of NP for you all xx

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