Monday, September 5, 2011

Eyeliners have how much bacteria in it?????

I read a really alarming report today about eye liners today.  I literally ran and grabbed every single pencil eyeliner I had, broke the tip off, and sharpened it with a cleaned and sterilized pencil sharpener. why am I freaking out? Well apparently out of all our makeup products, the eyeliner has far more bacteria than any other product.  It was just this obscene number of bacteria that was large enough to put me off of using eye pencils ever again. It was quite alarming since I always thought the mascara would be the worst or even perhaps lip gloss.  Nope ladies, it is our favourite handy pencil eye liner.

So you can take my word for it, or look up research facts on the amount of bacteria that lives on our eyeliners, but either way...I highly recommend sharpening your eyeliner after each use.  Sad but true, but it's the only way I can think of sterilizing the eye liners.

Here are my culprits! My DH was like "what the hell are you doing to your pencils?? You're wasting them" haha
I'm almost glad that I do not have that many eye liners.

**Edit: Having re-read the article to get some hard facts, it was not the eyeliner, but the brushes that contained the most bacteria.  The eyeliners were second.  The bacteria in the eyeliners exist  in populations of 185 per gram.  That number is what stuck out to me and completely disgusted me.  The bacterias are micrococci and staphylococci, and some species are pathogenic and can release toxins that are responsible for food poisoning.  Also, it's not just bacteria but mould that grows on our makeup.  So I hope this edit helps validate what I was trying to convey earlier. So..the moral of the story is, wash your brushes and clean your makeup (if you don't have to toss them).

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  1. wow, i had no idea... i could have bet on the fact that lipglosses have far more bacteria than eyeliners...