Thursday, September 1, 2011

NOTD: Chanel Black Velvet (Part one)

There is just something special about Chanel that wins every girl over.  Whether it's her iconic flap bags, tweed jacket, or her beauty line.  I can't believe I forgot that I had this nail polish.  The weather is definitely changing and with my nails being super short now, what better time is there than now for me to pull out my dark polishes. She was still in her box, and her frosty bottle doesn't even have a fingerprint...she's that brand spanking new.

Hands down, this is a very understated colour, because it's just a flat one colour polish, but...the finish on this is spectacular.  There is something about black polishes that dry looking like leather that wins me over every time.

Sadly the other two polishes from this collection were far too warm for me, but I'm super happy to have this one.

Who else loves this???

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