Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chanel Les Jeans Collection Has Arrived

As I am going through all my massive email box, I saw this email like a hawk in the night.  It is officially here. The Chanel Les Jeans Collection is now for sale on  This denim inspired trio was created for FNO (Fashion Night Out).  Not only am I sad to miss FNO in the states, but even more so to miss Vogue's fashion night out in London.  I guess it's not in the stars for me this year to partake.  I'm still pacing back and forth right now!  I'm kicking myself for doing this project 10 pan during the time of this release. 
What in the world was I thinking?

They are $29 each, so $87 for a trio of nail polish is steep, but we all know how wonderful Chanel polishes are.  If you like them, get them fast, as I believe it will not be around for long.


  1. I think Chanel is on a roll these days with their nail polish collections!!

  2. Or if you're extremely indecisive like this gal, $105 for the trio. Crap, who knew being indecisive had a price?!

  3. wow nice shades man.. really cool the darker one is really nice!!
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