Friday, September 23, 2011

Project 10 Pan Update and More

As usual, it feels like forever since I started this Project 10 pan, but really it hasn't even been that long. I'm almost done, and I'm quite pleased with myself to be able to stick to this ban.  I'm also happy to have actually used some of the products that I have.  Some items however didn't end up working for me, so they did go to a new home, but they have been replaced with another item to keep this project going.

1.  Boots botanics hair mask
2.  Sanctuary Bath relaxer
3.  Boots botanics leave-in volumising conditioner
- passed onto a friend & replaced with the Johnson face scrub
4. Make up for ever duo mat foundation
Make up for ever fuchsia lipstick (travel size) - passed onto a friend & replaced it with the Batiste Fresh Dry shampoo
6.  Boots hair serum - about 50% left now
7. MAC powerpoint eyeliner in stubborn brown - passed onto a friend & replaced it with the
Herbal Essence Hair Conditioner
8.  Neutrogena lip boost
9.  Boots almond body butter
10. Premium almond cuticle oil

So as you can see, I had to pass up some items, because it just didn't work for me. Truthfully, isn't that what using your products are all about.  I had no idea those items didn't work for me, because I barely used them ha! So I just have one last item to use, and then I'm OFF this ban!!!!!!!!! I don't even know what to buy first. Part of me is trying to save for the upcoming holidays, but the beauty addict in me is screaming at me to run to the shop and buy something quick! lol.

I will say that of all the items listed above, there is only one item that I would repurchase, and that is the Batiste dry shampoo.  I finished it this morning, and can't wait to crack open my other 2 bottles that I have stored.  This is my go to dry shampoo due to it's affordable price, and effectiveness.

Onto other news...
I have been obsessed lately with trying to get vouchers, and free samples.  I pretty much partake in everything out there that will save me some money.  So as part of my frugalista ventures, I also take advantage of Asda's price guarantee program, and recently got £3.05 back from my shopping, so I turned around and purchased this with it LOL

I couldn't help myself. I was itching for a magazine! I can't pass up magazine freebies, I know now this. I could have used my voucher towards any product, but instead I rushed to grab this.  The freebie was a Misguided tote bag.  I don't even like this bag. The fact that I would still grab it shows my level of addiction when it comes to magazines and their freebies. Yes I am a victim of marketing my friends.

I also have some other things to chat about too.
I'm so excited for the blog giveaway. I absolutely love Incoco nail strips, and they are sponsoring my 75 follower blog giveaway.  If you are like me, and love nail art, or just a very busy person, these nail strips are for you.  They are so easy to apply, no drying time needed, and the designs are awesome.  I am so pleased that one of my readers will get a grab bag full of their products!  The link to my blog giveaway is on the right hand panel over there =======>>>>>>>>>

Let's see..onto more blabbing.
I saw these at poundland (I didn't buy them), and thought they were funny.  Nail Polish is really all the rage now isn't it.  
At first glance I thought...whats gruesome about these colours? It's a creme orange, indigo blue/purple, and a black. lol.  I don't think these are particarly for Halloween or gruesome, but I guess for a 7 year old it would be?? They had racks of this, so I really couldn't miss it.
Nor could I miss all the other brand name nail polishes just thrown into a big box for people to rummage through.  It's quite a bargain bin, and if you haven't been in poundland, because it's "cheap", definitely hop in there, I couldn't believe all the brand name cosmetics in there.  It's definitely 100 times better than the dollar stores that I've been to in America.

And last but not least, before I start with my regular postings of reviews and all...
I wanted to share with you the ring that I got a while back.  Topshop is one of my favourite stores, hands down!  But I didn't know that Topman had a jewelry section too.  Go on with your bad self men! That's right, even men can wear jewelry and still be masculine :) 
So I popped upstairs to topman and found so many rings that I love!!!
I did just come out with one though, and for only £1 what a freaking bargain. I love this ring, I need more like it too!

So that's it for now, I will make sure to return with some regular reviews and swatches :)
Take care ladies xx


  1. Ha-ha. The Gruesome polish made me giggle.

  2. Hey, I have that bag, too! Didn't know it was from Missguided. I got it from mag from quite awhile back and it was totally an impulse buy. The bag is sitting somewhere...never been used :(
    Haha I bought last month's Cosmo just so I could have the Eylure falsies. We have a problem, don't we? :)

  3. We can't have enough reusable bags haha. Esp. here, I noticed people are very conscious about reusing bags, instead of using plastic bags and cluttering up landfill :)
    The eyelure falsies are cool, I like them too!

  4. I'm OBSESSED with Batiste dry shampoo, it's so good! I stock pile it like no other haha.

  5. I know! and so cheap!! It's the one thing that is cheaper here than in the states (for once! haha)

  6. legacylining - I know isn't the gruesome nails just silly LOL