Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Out Of My Comfort Zone - Orly Cotton Candy

I joke with a few friends about how I like "ugly" polishes.  It's true. If it's delicate, pretty, and feminine, I will most likely shy away from it. I don't know why. This is very true for fashion and for polishes.  I definitely have made my stance against "girly" colours, especially Pink.  Well not all pink, I do love hot neon 80's pink, fuchsia, some forms of magenta, but baby pink...well let's just say that it has been years since I wore a form of baby pink (1998 to be exact lol).

Now this is knocking on those who love pink, this is just saying how I feel awkward in it.  Strange right? Well, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear it. Why not? I mean it's just nail polish right? So I put on Orly's cotton candy.  3 coats of it, and my anxiety level sky rocketed even from the first swipe. What am I doing??? This is so not me. Well I finished the mani, and I kept staring at it. Sure it's delicate, it's pink...but what would others say? Well immediately, DH commented that he didn't like it LOL! and he asked me why I was wearing pink? He said "I thought you hated pink?". haha.  Does everyone know I hate pink? Do I make that big of a stink about pink polish?

Well I wore it for a night, and I woke up in the morning and thought my nails looked so clean and "pretty".  It was perfect for today's gorgeous morning outside.  Well folks.  It didn't even last 24 hours!  I had to take it off.   I think for me, baby pink is too closely associated with a certain look, that just isn't me.  I wear black clothes, love anything rock n roll influenced or anything flashy, neon and 80's inspired and baby pink nails just doesn't fit into any of that.

So here are my swatches.  Let me know what you think.  If you are a pink lover, speak up and tell me why you love pink so much :) I'd love to see what the other side has to say hahaha (kidding).

Oh and note to self: Never try this again :p

Here is Orly's Cotton Candy - 

So what colours wouldn't you wear?
What is outside your comfort zone?


  1. He-he. Baby Pink! I'm marking this day on my calendar. ;)