Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Blog Giveaway Extravaganza

There is no better time then Christmas to show your appreciation, so....


The rules are going to be simple, as I made the previous one a bit complicated and screwed up on the logistics of it.  So no screw ups this time.  Everyone gets one entry and the rules are dirt easy.

Must follow my blog via google friend connect, and must comment below and tell me what's your #1 wanted Christmas item is.
Easy right?? :)

The giveaway starts Today and ends on December 15th, winners will be chosen on the 15th at 10pm. Please make sure you leave your email so that I know where to email you to get your address, as I have to post everything out by Dec 17th (royal mail's deadline for packages to arrive by Christmas).

Who's Eligible?:
I'm sorry that this giveaway will only be for UK followers, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate my international readers, it's just impossible to get a package out to you guys in time for Christmas, especially as I will be away for most of December.  So due to the lateness of this giveaway, it will only be open within the UK.

I will be opening up another giveaway after the holidays for my international peoples, which will feature some UK only products, to make up for the timing issue that caused this Christmas giveaway to be UK only.  Just want to show my love to everyone, that's all xx


Now that I went over the boring crap, what's the prizes right?
Well.....this is where the fun begins!

There will be 3 winners this time and not just one!
To make sure that all 3 prizes are equal so nobody feels like they lost out by not winning a certain specific prize, I have made 3 mystery goody bags full of products.  Each bag will be different, but equal in terms of quality and products to the best of my ability.

Thank you all my old and new followers!
I wish you all a great holiday season :) 


  1. So exciting! This xmas I really want a Nintendo 3DS...I know I'm 26 years of age but I really really want one lol! And also Make Up Store Holographic nail polish Madeleine, I saw it down Carnaby Street today, it's lubbly.

    Thanks GFC: Tee Dee

  2. The ds rocks. Sadly I recently sold mine to fund my iphone.

  3. Oh awesome! I really want my ipod this xmas :D cant wait to get it also I want my bath products and make up i chose :D!


    GFC: Too much make up not enough sleep


  4. wow such a great idea! :)
    I really want the Nars orgasm set its only £22 and you get orgasm, Laguna and Super Orgasm lipgloss amazing! also the benefit powdarazzi again great value for money!
    I do love my blush :)

  5. So generous of you!
    Am already a follower.
    Hmmm this is really tough as I'm not coveting anything in particular. However, if we're talking about unachievable things, I've always wanted a Chanel handbag. Hehehe materialistic, much?

    Thanks for organizing this!

  6. ooh fave no one item Iphone ..I just dropped mine in the bath and it has not uttered a sound since...yikes... so a new one would just be soo lush :-))
    thanks for the chance to play

  7. I really really want something from Tiffany, I am in love with the Trefoil Key made out of black bone china <3 It is so pretty =)
    India =D xx

  8. Joey - lol@ chanel bag. Yes I'm so on board with you! Chanel bags would be an AWESOME Christmas gift haha

    Flofoxes - hope you get to replace your iphone xx

    India - I have a silver key necklace from them and I always get compliments. A black bone china would be so gorgeous!

    Alicee - Nars blushes are so lush aren't they? x
    I don't own any, because I'm afraid if I buy one, I'll end up wanting them all lol

    Toomuchmakeupnotenoughsleep - Ipods are essential these days! I hope you end up getting one for xmas :)

  9. My most wanted gift would be a huge bottle of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, I'd just be happy with that!
    Cute giveaway :)

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  11. Winners have been contacted. Thank you for all who entered, and happy holidays to you all :)