Monday, November 21, 2011

Julep Nail Polish in Gayle and Vanessa

A nice surprise package arrived to my doorstep all the way from America :).
Inside contained two polishes that I was not able to get here in the UK.  So I was really excited to open to package to see Julep's Gayle and Julep's Vanessa inside.

Julep is a small niche nail polish salon/nail polish brand based out of Seattle.I have been lucky to try a few polishes from Julep, and they are quality products.

However, Julep's Gayle is by far the best in terms of formula from this line.  It is a beautiful Hermes Raisin purple creme, and I know I'm going to sound bias for going on and on about this polish (I'll tell you why later on in the post), but it really is a one coat wonder and beautiful creme shiny finish. 

Vanessa is your quintessential glittery topcoat.  It consists of orange, blue, purple, gold, and silver micro glitters.  If you love multi-glitter topcoat, then this one will have you drooling.
The formula is not as good as Gayle as it is on the thicker side, but you get tons of glitter placement per stroke, so it's not that difficult to work with.

I placed it on my ring finger as an accent.
It goes very well with Gayle.

Julep's Vanessa over Gosh's Lavender Love

Don't you just love their tall, slender and streamlined bottles?

Now..onto why I am going to sound bias lol.
The polish Gayle is named after a woman that I have had the privilege to meet and come to know. So this lovely polish is just a small representation of how lovely my friend Gayle is.  She has taught me to be forgiving, self-less, and has taught me a lot about beauty (interior and external).  So I'm so happy that there is a polish named after her.  If you love rich purple cremes, then I urge you to go out and buy this polish - it's just that fabulous, and the woman behind it is just that fabulous too.  Trust me :)

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