Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow No 02 Trench Swatch and Review

I remember feeling how the Burberry plaid pattern was being hammered over in the states.  I remember seeing plaid everywhere, especially among all my Korean friends.  I never thought plaid suited me, so luckily I never craved for anything Burberry (unless it was from that small creative outburst of a collection of studded and spiked jewellery from this normally traditional and conservative fashion house).  So when I heard that Burberry was coming out with a makeup line, I really wasn't too bothered last year.  Well a very nice SA over in the states gave this to me after he made a little mistake with one of my orders.  It's almost a year later and I remembered that I had this and wanted to swatch it for you all.  

Unfortunately, the move across the Atlantic Ocean, on top of the fact that I dropped a load of makeup recently while cleaning (don't ask I'm clumsy like that) has resulted in my only Burberry eyeshadow to crack.  I tried to press it back into shape, but sadly the gorgeous plaid hetchmarks on the eyeshadow is all screwed up now.  Way to go Sue!

So let me talk about the packaging.  I think a huge part of the allure of this line is the packaging.  It is made of this shiny and mirror like dark steel packaging with the traditional plaid marked all over it.  They are taking brand identity to a whole new level.  It is in your face, you will not mistake this for any other brand out there.  As you know, I am a lover of packaging.  Even if the product is sh*t, I will still buy it if I find the packaging is gorgeous.  This is just that type of situation.

The aftermath
How sad! But you can still see some remnants of the plaid hetchmarks

No 02 Trench is a nude matte eyeshadow
Soft to the feel, but not pigmented at all. I guess that's why they call it a sheer eyeshadow.
I personally don't like that it isn't very pigmented, but I guess it works with their whole line and fashion collection: conservative, natural, and traditional. This is for those who like nude, natural makeup.  I tried to take a photo of the swatch on my arm, but it literally blended into my skin like a foundation powder.  I may even try put this on top my BB Cream to see what it looks like on my face later.

Burberry eye shadows can be purchased for £23 from Harrods.
I don't think that I would purchase this eyeshadow, because it is just too sheer for my liking; however, I think Burberry makeup would make an excellent gift to someone special. 
It is just a well made product line, simple yet elegant, and just overall a little bit of luxury in a box.
Well worth giving as a gift in my opinion.

So I'll be spending my day checking all my makeup now to see what other casualties I can find from my clumsy mistake :(  yes, I'm a bit sad over my broken makeup right now...sigh...I know how sad right? but if you love these little bundles of colour like I do, you are feeling my pain right now lol.

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