Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rituals Beauty

Rituals is a brand new brand for me. I recently saw them advertised in two magazines, so of course I went online to check them out.  The message of this brand is very holistic and spa oriented and I tend to like that a lot.  They also do this while maintaining a very minialistic and chic black sleek packaging (almost Edward Bess like).  Those two looks drew me in.

These are some of the products I saw that I was interested in:

Eyeshadow duo £14.90

Amber Stone
Sapphire Moon
Misty Green

Bamboo Beige
All Nail varnishes are £8.90

The description had me hooked
"The Lip treat is a nourishing lip balm enriched with Organic Shea Butter and Refreshing Eucalyptus. The organic Shea Butter protects your lips in all weather conditions while Eucalyptus adds an invigorating scent. "

They seem to do it all from skincare, bath & body products, makeup, tea, to even washing up liquid.
You can purchase on their website
And postage is only £2.95, which isn't bad at all

at House of Fraser :)

I just love the whole Asian fused holistic theme, and I hope to be able to try some products one day so I can report back to you all.

If you've tried Rituals, please comment and let me know what your experience was with them.

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