Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Popping around to my corner store

My corner store just happens to be an Asda, so while I was picking up Oscar's food, I just took a stroll around.  Can I just say that England really loves their chocolate. Forget buying stock in oil, Cadbury is the company to invest in (yes I'm kidding).  No seriously, in this economic depression, you would not know it by the amount of chocolate that is being produced and being consumed. Too bad I'm not a chocolate lover, so I don't understand this craze, but I'll tell you what I'm a lover of.

Nail polish lol
Big shock right?
well I know right now lots of my fellow NP lovers are rushing to buy the Chanel winter collection.  I personally am skipping on this lot because it consist of pink and red nail polishes.  However, I do love the whole matte look, so if you don't want to spend £18 on a Chanel nail polish and then £18 on the matte top coat, then you will have to look at different (cheaper) avenues.  So if I was really into that pink matte look and was skint, I would go for this.

George has new polishes in their matte line.  I love twister and troll, so I can attest that these are really good for the price.  Right now it's 2 for £2.50.

I took this photo in the shop.  The colour is actually a bit more pink in real life.  They also had a baby pink matte, but I thought this one was more in line with the Chanel polishes that just came out.
So while I was grabbing some much needed supplies, and some British candy for a friend, the inner child in me woke up when I saw this...

£2 for a set of 30 Christmas cards
That's not a bad price, and if you love Hello Kitty then this is a must have.
Sadly, as much as the inner child in me finds this cute, I don't think I love Hello Kitty as much.
  It's not an age thing, it's more about it being so mass produced now and everyone has it.

So I grabbed the sweets and some supplies and that's about it.
This is going to sound really odd, but I really enjoy going to the supermarket, because I'm still getting use to all the new foods, drinks, and "ethnic" foods out there.  For instance, living in America, I never knew much about Polish food, but today I spent at least 15 minutes looking at all the different Polish foods out there.  It's just still very new and neat to me.  Yep, I'm definitely still an immigrant hahaha

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