Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mine as well be free alert - Latest in Beauty Perfume Box

Yes it mine as well be free, because it's just that cheap. For £4.95 (postage included), you are getting a box posted to you with perfume samples and minis. 

Now I'm going to be honest, because there is one thing that worries me.
I am going to take a gamble and still purchase this, because I really just want it for the SpaceNK laughter perfume, which alone cost £20, but it does say in tiny print on the bottom that:
"items may vary per box".

Now if I don't get the SpaceNk perfume, I'm going to be annoyed, but that is the risk you take sometimes with these types of companies that offer something at such a cheap bargain. 
So it's up to you guys, but I still wanted to blog about this offer, because it is a good way of sampling perfumes :)

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