Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bourjois Freebies with Coke Rewards

My husband loves Coke.  When I say loves Coke, I mean it.  Of course I'm always b*tching at him to stop drinking so much soda, but he doesn't listen lol.  So I figure if he won't listen to me then at least I need to benefit from all his coke drinking.

Certain bottles contain codes that you enter onto their website over at www.cokezone.co.uk.
You get points and then can exchange those points for prizes.  Coke UK really needs to up their prizes especially in their "fashion" section, which include makeup.  

The Bourjois lipstick that I wanted (100 points) was out of stock, and has been for months now, so I went ahead and grabbed these two eyeshadow pigments.

They have them in Silver and Voile.
They also had these travel size lipglosses as well

In Beige & Transparent

So they aren't the best freebies, but at least they are "free".  So if you haven't joined coke rewards, then it's worth it.  I'm just hoping they give better prizes.  I know a few months ago they had Bourjois nail varnishes.  I hope that returns!
If you participate in coke rewards, let me know what products you have redeemed your points for, OR just comment about anything below...weather, recent hauls, new loves, etc. etc. xx


  1. Ooh didn't know about this... I don't drink fizzy either but my bloke does all the time.

  2. Same, I try to steer clear, but love an occassional diet coke ;)