Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Benefit Sugarbomb

Benefit is a quirky makeup line that just oozes girly fun.  I haven't met one person who hasn't wanted something from their line because of their cute packaging.  Someone who use to work for Benefit gave this to me (not the company) as a thank you gift, and I was really happy.  I think years ago I tried the Thrrob blusher and found it to be way too baby pink and matte on my skin so I ended up swapping it out.  Sugarbomb is very different in the sense that it contains a slight shimmer to give your face that healthy glow.  I'm all for that healthy glow now since I live in the country of no sun (I'm kidding........sort of :) ).

The wonderful aspects about this blusher are:

* Smells sweet but fresh, not overpowering at all
* Comes in a very adorable packaging

I will say that the paper construction of the box seems like a green initiative; however, don't get this wet because it is cardboard and it will shrivel up and get ruined.
* There are 4 colours:  peach, soft plum, shimmering pink, and rose

* When you swirl all the colours together, you get this a healthy soft rose/pink colour like this...

The other good part about this blusher is that it has some staying power. So that's very good for those who can't constantly reapply their makeup.

My only minor issues were the brush and the actual feel of the blusher.  The brush used up a lot of product, but didn't place as my on my cheeks. I also don't like powders that crumble on your skin when you apply it, it doesn't happen so much when you apply it with a brush, but when I used my finger to get the swatch for this post, I had to smear the crumbled powder onto my arm to get an even application.  Very odd.

After trying Sugarbomb, I am very interested in getting Coralista from Benefit.

This can be purchased for £23.50 at Boots, Debenhams, and anywhere else there is a Benefit concession, and of course online.
Do you like Benefit Blushers? Which one is your favourite?

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