Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gosh Nail Polish in Lavender Love

I'm so annoyed with ebay.  There is something about rude people on ebay that just drives me up the wall.  I refuse to be the type of person to have an argument over a lipgloss that went missing in the mail.  Thank god I sent it recorded.  Now my perfect 100% feedback will probably be ruined by some irrational crazy woman who blames me that royal mail lost her package. Wow, some people have nothing better to do than to annoy ebay sellers. UGH........

So I choose something a bit happy and airy today because I was just annoyed (common theme this week it seems lol).

Gosh's Lavender Love is the perfect periwinkle pastel.  It was a one coat wonder with great application and formula.  I like it, because it's not a pretty liliac, it has a bit of attitude.

Really happy with this polish.
Yes I'm a nerd, I like to wear happy polish to perk me up.

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