Friday, June 10, 2011

Crackle Nail Polish: not what it's cracked out to be

Last fall, I was obsessed with black shatter by OPI. I saw the promo pics and swore I had to have it. Months later (in the winter), I waited in front of Ulta with 6 other girls in the cold for the doors to open.  I literally had to elbow my way pass this really thugged out guy to get the last bottle of OPI, but I succeeded. I even returned the following Wednesday to buy another one, and then I bought a Barry M on ebay as well. I really liked it, and then.....

like most fads, everyone started loving it, and then every single brand made their own.
It was no longer black crackle, there was white, silver, gold, blue, pink, green, orange, AHHHHHHH!!!!!

5 months later, every single brand is coming out with their own crackle/shatter polish and I am just sooooo tired of it all.


If you are with me, comment LOL
Anyone else with me??????


  1. Um. Ha-ha. I can not talk. I must go hang my head in shame in the corner for the next few years.

  2. Yes I know, the culprit is somewhere in your house lol

  3. I love me some crackles, but I've found happiness in some non-OPI crackles like La Rosa so variety creates better products in my opinion!

  4. I will take back part of my statement. I think I like the gold shimmery shatter, but I'll wait until everyone has gotten over it to rock it :p