Friday, June 17, 2011

More Funky Fingers Holo Glitter Mania - Baby Baby Baby, Golden Coast, Sand & Stilettos

Where's my sun at? Clearly the british weather has turned....sun come on out, we won't bite! I made my own sunshine.

I swatched the three Funky Fingers that were given to me by a lovely friend from the states.

My camera really hates that extra shine and sort of blurs the glitter apart, but all three are scattered holographic glitters.

From Left to Right:
Sand & Stilettos, Golden Coast, and Baby Baby Baby

Totally fun
Cheap thrills
And I mean that, 3 for $5 - 
bargain if you are hunting and lemming after holographic polishes

Hard to apply evening, can be clumpy
Gritty finish, even with top coat

NO complaints however, these are fun! fun! fun!
Can be purchased at 5 below for $2/each or 3 for $5

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