Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MUA (Makeup Academy) Shade 1 Nail Polish

I can't believe I'm going to attempt to write a post on 2.5 hours of sleep, but here I am up at 9am writing a post.  So if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, or just incoherent babble, then you know why :)

Superdrugs is so less superior to me than Boots on so many levels: store appearance, customer service, variety of products...the list goes on and on, but they have MUA (Makeup Academy).  It is an affordable (really affordable at a £1 each) makeup range that really doesn't impress you at first glance, but is quite understated considering what you get.

I purchased Shade 1 thinking it was going to be like China Glaze's Midnight Mission. In hindsight, I have NO idea why. They are completely different as you can see from the pictures below lol!

The micro glitters are completely different. 

But then I realised why I liked Shade 1 so much!
AHA! It reminded me of my favourite Chanel Nail polish (sans glitter) - BLUE SATIN!!!

Chanel Blue Satin, MUA Shade 1, China Glaze Midnight Mission

I absolutely adore Blue satin, and you know I love you all, because I use this polish so sparingly and I still swatched it for you xx

I am so happy to have found a polish for only £1 that gives me a Blue Satin but with a subtle glitter in the sunlight.

As for formula, this is the best formula I have tried within the high street range. It was smooth, easy to apply and dried pretty quickly.  I couldn't have asked for anymore from something that I spent only £1.  I am tempted to pick up other colours at this point, but none of the other colours jumped out at me to be honest.  I hope MUA will start to broaden their colour range and provide more unique colours.

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