Friday, June 3, 2011

BB Creams? Where have I been?

For those of you who don't know me in real life, I'm Korean. 100%.  I come from a very traditional family where we only speak korean.  I grew up most of my life in the states, so I'm very korean-american in that sense.  I grew up around a lot of asian people and always been connected to my roots.

A lot of things have come from Korea that have been making Korea a bit more well known for something other than the Korean war and overpriced corner stores.

The beauty world has embraced a huge korean and asian craze called the BB cream.
I avoid asian crazes. Blame it on my mother who religiously believes everything she ever reads in the korean newspaper.
I've heard coke causes cancer, oh yes and the miracle weight lost drug, etc. etc. Ahhhh yes, the korean newspaper loves to hype up anything and everything, so when I heard about the bb cream, I just dismissed it.

Ok so several years later, I regret doing that hahaha and I ordered my first BB cream. I don't expect it to fix all my scars and erase the last 5 years of damage, but I am embracing the fact that it will give me a lot of nutrients and the slight coverage and healthy glow.

I recently ordered Skin79's bb cream in the pink bottle

I know everyone is making bb creams now, so I'm sure in the next few months and years, we'll see some more main street brands come out with one (i.e. Boscia).

Here's the other thing from Korea that I really enjoy (chuckle chuckle).  For those who know me in real life, I'm a huge music snob and pop music is banned my household, but there is something about this girl k-pop group from Korea that I am drawn too.  Great voices, love their clothes, and love their attitude.  They are also known to wear Jeffrey campbell shoes which I absolutely love as well, so another plus for these girls.

The group is called 2ne1, and I love this song, this is them singing live, which shows that they can actually sing unlike some pop singers today ( I refuse to write their name on my blog just on principle alone hahaha, but we all know what screw case pop singer that I'm talking about - yeah I'm sure, you're thinking "which one, there is so many").

2ne1's Hurt


  1. Live singing!! I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

    Well you do know most K-Pop Stars come from dancing backgrounds, not singing backgrounds.

  2. 99.9% of the kpop stars really make me cringe, so these girls better know how lucky they are that I actually like them ! lol :p