Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nail Polish Exchange Reveal

I wanted to show you what a very thoughtful lady off my forum sent me today.  I'm suppose to be getting 2 and I have gotten 1 so far.

Enters into rant now...

So royal mail are a bunch of A$$holes, sorry but true.  Not only did I get a ridiculous customs charge for a GIFT package, but they won't release the package to me, because I have no proof of residency.  Well since I just moved here, all I have is my US passport and my approved visa application that states my address, but apparently it's not a "formal" ID, therefore my package (MY package) can't be released.  To hell they won't! We are talking about polishes here, I take polishes very seriously LOL. No seriously, someone went out of their way to get my polishes (a random person mind you off my forum) and just because royal mail feels like sticking to some stupid procedure instead of doing what's logical, I am having to deal with this b.s. and have yet to get my first package. Well the battle is not over and I intend on staying on top of them on getting my package out of customs!

sorry for that rant, but it really gave me a headache yesterday.

AnyHOO.....But my second package DID make it - YAHOO!

And I have some awesome reveals!

The whole package was hand stamped with stars
and I got Starbursts, because it was a space theme :p

Chanel Steel, Pupa L-350, China Glaze Sea Spray, Poshe top coat, OPI DS Series Original

And my extra goodies :) Ms. Manicure nail files & starburst candy

This my adorable hand made card with a moon man holding a nail polish flag!
SO CUTE!!!!!

This totally made my day, what random gift wouldn't right? My lovely person was so thoughtful and picked out the colours that I would seriously have bought for myself. 
Now only if I can get my first box out. Damn royal mail, DAMMMMMNNNNN YYYOOUUUUUU!!!!!!


  1. So frustrating!!! Happy you got one of your packages. Hoping there aren't duplicates!

  2. The fight is on! Don't worry Sheila!!!!!