Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Very First Ebay Scam

I have been shopping on ebay for close to 12 years.  I have used paypal from the first year that they teamed up with ebay.  So I'm not new to either of these two companies, but they have both failed me recently when it came to a scam.

I purchased a £50 voucher to Liberty of London, and what I got in return was a loyal rewards voucher that was only good for the person it was issued too. I emailed the seller, no response for quite sometime.  I was persistent and emailed him over and over again.  Then I received a response later stating that the voucher was usable. I called Liberty of London directly and they verified that only the recipient could use the voucher and that it was not transferable.
So I would have never been able to use this and also it's expired.

I contacted paypal and ebay and they said since gift vouchers are not covered under the buyer protection program, they could not refund my money.

Did you guys know that Gift cards are not prohibited on ebay? I had NO idea, and how come there are hundreds then online? How come there is a category?  They refused to refund my money even though they acknowledge that the seller was at fault.  It's amazing the run around that I am getting. I have spent a total of 2 hours on hold with both paypal and ebay. It was only ebay that eventually compensated for half of my loss.  Thank you ebay!