Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NOTD: NARS Poker Face and H&M Sea Pearl

Just a quick update on my NOTD. As much as I LOVE Nars Poker Face, it's hard for me to wear the same polish for more than 2 days.  So I added H&M's Sea Pearl over it.  It's an iridescent pink/copper shimmer that makes Poker face shimmer a bit more.  I think I liked Poker Face on it's own, but what's done is done and this is the mani I'm rocking today :p

NARS- Poker Face with H&M's Sea Pearl on top

Ohhhhh hands are looking a bit dry! Time to butter them up :p
Sorry my camera hates shimmer or anything iridescent and always wants to "white out" the shimmer, but Sea Pearl definitely adds a thick coating of glittery shimmer on anything you layer over it.  It is not at all what you see in the bottle. Thank god for that!

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