Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Boots Botanics Obsession

One thing that I miss about Miami was my Aveda spa.  Nothing felt more relaxing and more purifying to my body and soul than to step in there for a nice massage and facial with their products.  I loved that natural, woodsy, a bit earthy yet pleasant scent that filled their spa.

It's definitely a bit of a change in my scenery since those days lol
BUT...I have found a line (an affordable line) of products that gives me that same satisfaction here in England.  I know that the US has Boots products in their Targets, but I'm not sure if they have these.

Boots carries a variety of different products that they make.  The prices range anywhere from 99p to £10.  I have been so spoiled by using some very pricey products in the past that I thought I spoiled myself too much, but this was not the case.  I absolutely find the Boots Botanics line to be absolutely amazing for what they are charging. Their products are based around the same principles as Aveda. They use "active plant extracts" and believe in the "natural power of plants".

Here is a pic of everything that I have picked up since being here.
It was a bit gloomy where I was, so forgive the dark picture, I'll definitely list them for you.

My current collection and what I think of the products:

1) Soothing Eye Make up remover - I have blogged about wanting this product after hearing about it from other bloggers.  This remover has iceland moss which hydrates and soothes.  I've been caking on the mascara recently and literally one swipe of this, and everything comes off, without irritating my eyes (which has happened with many products). This is odourless to my nose, which is also good because I have sensitive eyes.

2) Leave-in Volumising Conditioner - This product has helped my hair regain moisture while adding volume to my roots before I blow dry my hair.  I prefer this more than the big sexy hair root pump that I was using previously.  This doesn't make my hard hard like that did, and the scent is a fresh, slightly citrusy and sweet.

3) Glossy Brunette Conditioner - I honestly didn't know what to expect when I bought this, I just assumed it would be a conditioner and the ingredients just made it dark, but it is dark, because it actually has some agents in it that dye your hair.  I have officially ruined the white shower curtain, because some of the product flicks on there and stains.  I use a hair wrap and my white hair wrap has traces of the colouring.  I had no idea the staining power, so I am assuming that is why my hair has retained some brown to it, without looking faded.  It does have a stronger scent than the rest of the Botanics products, for those who have a sensitive nose.  It doesn't bother me much.  So this was a bit of a shocker when it actually dyed bits of my hair and everything else around me lol.

4) Ultra Moisturising Shampoo - Same scent as the leave-in conditioner, very nice and not overly thick shampoo.  A little goes a long way, and really does not dry my hair out.  Before this, I was using a solid shampoo by Lush (Karma Koomba) and that really stripped my hair of tons of moisture, so this is really helping it now.

I got the above items with Boots coupons that you acquire when you stick your card in their machine, and I got some for free during their 3 for 2 sale.

I also just got these new ones yesterday during my Boots haul, and I am already in love with them. 

I took advantage of the 3 for 2 sale again and made out with one free item, and I had a coupon as well, so I ended up getting one of these items for like 33% off.

I picked up the:

1) Bodycare Nourishing Body Butter - This tub is huge! Almost double of the body shop body butters and like half the price.  It has Honey and Grapeseed oil and you can smell both those ingredients, but very slightly.  That's great, because I hate slathering on body butter and seriously stinking all night long like that scent - it makes my nose & allergies go nuts.  My Fcuk body butter that I got when I first moved here is almost done and that really is a strong fruity oriental scent and it really works my nose when I have to slather my entire body in it before bedtime.  So I'm really going to embrace this new lotion.

2) 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair mask - I used this conditioner this morning, and I don't think I waited 3 minutes, I'm really antsy like that in the shower :) But my hair does feel much softer today.  I think I'll use this interchangeably with the glossy brunette condition and see how that works out.  The scent is the same with the moisturising shampoo and the leave-in conditioner.  So that consistency is very good in my books.

and last but not least

3) Bathing Luxurious Bath Elixir - It came in a huge glass jar and killed my arms bringing these back home yesterday (along with a huge cake too).  This definitely reminds me of a scent from Aveda, but I just can't put my finger on it. Driving me mad :) I'm going to give this a try tonight, I hope it creates some bubbles, because it looks very thick.
It contains "Iceland Moss".  I never realised how much I would like Iceland Moss lol or any Moss for that matters, but this is a very earthy scent that invokes a sense of serenity and nature.  I'm so not a nature girl (i.e. hiking, fishing, camping) so this is as Natural as Sue will get :)

Overall, I'm definitely obsessed with the Botanics line.  Great scent, delivers what it says it will deliver, and great affordable (heck I'll say it, CHEAP) price.

I also have a HUGE RAVE for Boots.  I love their point system, despite it being small, they constantly have several promotions and bonus points offer, so it's easy to accumulate.  They never expire, so you can continue to accumulate or redeem whenever.  I will be accumulating all my points until X-mas and splurge on a luxurious Chanel item.  Christmas can't come fast enough this year!


  1. Do they have a Blonde conditioner? Wonder if it has lightening properties like HP in it.... JF used to have a line like that but I only have one bottle left ;)

  2. Yes, I saw the Blonde conditioner as well. They also have red, apparently black hair girls fall into the brunette category :)

  3. Wow they have conditioner that makes blonde hair even blonder? He-he.

    Ahhhh! I'm addicted to hair products! And deep conditioning my hair.

  4. Same here! I don't know what color hair you have, but I recently stopped dying my hair and it's now black and black hair looses it's shine and can look super dull, so I have to deep condition at least twice a week.