Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Magazine Mayhem - freebies & asian models

When I saw online that Harper's Bazaar was giving away a free Leighton Denny polish, I walked right up the road to grab my copy. I was afraid that this would go super fast, so I definitely didn't want to sleep on it.

I got my Orange Leighton Denny polish.  Orange (like yellow) is one of those colours that I'll probably wear once or twice this season, so there really is no point of me spending lots of cash on this type of colour.  Having said that, I love it.

And next month's freebie is going to be awesome!!!!
A Christopher Kane tote. I have really needed these types of totes, because I'm all about not using plastic for shopping these days.

Yes so that's awesome right?
But what's even more awesome is the presence of Asian (East asian) models in the magazines lately.
I know to a lot of people (who aren't Asian) this is not a big deal really, but it is to me.  I love to see Asian faces, other than my own in the mirror, in the media.  This shows that the public is more receptive of diversity and it shows that Asian women can be beautiful too.  We know the stero-types about Asian women and frankly it's all archaic and bull sh*t and to see more Asian women in magazines, media, films, arts - it is thrilling!

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