Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dior - Travel in Dior Palette

Today I wanted to show you all my "Travel in Dior" Palette that I got off of a makeupalley swap recently.  If you don't know what makeupalley is, it is a forum where you can swap your beauty goods, along with other items too (i.e. books, cd, clothes).  I've been on makeupalley now for close to 8 years and over those 8 years, I've gotten some amazing amazing things off of a swap.  I've also been able to give my unwanted items a new home as well.  It's great fun as long as you don't get swaplifted.  I'll talk more about that later in another post, but first onto my Dior palette.

This came in a velvet pouch as most Dior items come in.  I appreciate companies like Dior and Chanel who want to preserve their items and place them in these pouches, but I honestly hate them, because they collect every ounce of dust on them.  I usually end up throwing these away.

First 4 are eyeshadows, then the 2 lipglosses, followed by the blush

I found the eyeshadows to be soft and silky as per the Dior standard. If you read my blog, you know I rarely have anything negative to say about Dior eyeshadows, in fact I use the quality of the Dior shadows as a measure for how good other brands are. So that says a lot.  I will even go as far as to say that they make the best shadows that I have tested in my makeup journey.

The palette gives us shadow # 739, 959, 689, 804.  **insert rant here**, I honestly can't stand when a company names their shadows with numbers.  How often do you hear someone say, "OMG, 739 is the best", is a fact that women like to have a name for their colours.  So Dior, please please please, name your beautiful colours.

All 4 colours are neutral and can be worn sheer or built up for a darker more dramatic look.  It's a very standard palette, nothing funky, nothing out of the ordinary ... very classy. All 4 eyeshadows have a beautiful shimmer to them.


These are a tad sticky for my liking, but I understand they had to change the formula to get the lipgloss to mold into this palette. I have no complaints about the colours.

Lipgloss numbers are: 183 and 483 (once again, numbers ugh). I mean honestly, if Dior wants people to know these colours so they repurchase them, they have to honestly change their identification system into names, because no matter how much I like a certain colour, I will NEVER remember it by name.  I believe the human brain (average brain) can only retain up to 12 numbers at a time, and as much as I love makeup, I have other more important numbers to memorise.

Finally a name! 950 Framboise/Raspberry, is a very cool-toned pink, not very "raspberry" in my head, but I will remember this name.  It is very soft, with very little fall out - I like that.  I also love the imprint.  I'm a huge sucker for that sort of design.

Diorskin Forever compact in 020 Beige Claire
Lucky for me, this fits my skin tone.  I absolutely love how it pigmented it is and how it glides onto my skin.  I wish I had a larger compact of this.

I find that most brushes that come with compacts are useless.  In particularly the sponge tip eyeshadow brushes, so I usually end up giving them away.  It's no different in this case.  It's cute and has the Dior logo on it, but I know it will not work.

The blush brush actually does work and I'm grateful to have that in this compact.

I have done some research about the price of this palette, and I am getting different prices around the $66 mark and seem to be an airport exclusive. It is discontinued, so I'm afraid other than the internet, I don't know where you can pick this up, but if you find it, and you are a light-medium cool toned lady like myself, I highly recommend it!

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