Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Japonesque Lipstick Paintbox Palette Kit

I bought this several months ago on during the same time I bought the Z Palette. My review on this product is slightly better than the review on the Z palette.

It is made out of medium grade black plastic and comes with a mini scoop.
The dimensions are 7-1/2" x 3" x 1/2", so it's a pretty good size.

This one is an easy one to review, because there are clear pros and cons to this palette. Overall I will say that I don't regret buying this and it's going to stay in my collection for a long long time.

* 36 slots to put lipstick remnants into
* Sleek black design that does NOT bubble like the z palette, and is pretty scratch resistant
* Inexpensive, I got this for $15
* There is a slot in the front for your lip brush 

* The slots are not that deep, so you get a lot of lipstick spilling into the slots around it
* The inside white slots are made of this cheap plastic. I always fear I'm going to break it
* The slots on the lid are even more shallow than the slots on the bottom

As my picture shows, there are a few lipsticks that are molded into the slots and others that aren't.  It's because they will melt into the molds if you microwave the lipsticks slight, but because the inner plastic feels so fragile and thin, I'm really afraid I'm going to melt the palette itself, so I have stopped microwaving it to get the lipsticks looking nice.

It's quite an ugly look, but no one sees it but me. Now the only issue is, when am I ever going to finish this palette? lol.  

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