Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NOTD: NARS - Poker Face Nail Polish

I have this wonderful polish to show you all. I'm not very much into pastels, but lately a lot of different brands have been coming out with a "grey-ed" out version of the traditional pastel polishes.  I really never thought I'd like this until I started seeing more swatches of it.

Also, the name is a huge turn off, but I forgive NARS for that as well, since this manicure has lasted me 2 whole days.  That is actually a record, not even a sign of tip wear either. I type all day long and do things with my hands, so my manicures always shows tip wear within the first 24 hours, but this is staying on strong.

So here's the overview 

Cream finish with zero streaking
Long lasting
You get a lot for your money
Slightly different than your average pastel lilac colour

Just the name really lol
It is almost double in the UK vs. the states

Appears slightly darker and slightly periwinkle in this picture. The sun decided to run away at the moment I was taking pics..urgh

This colour is more true to life than the swatch shot

I needed a pick me up after the week I had, so this definitely brought a smile to my face.