Friday, June 24, 2011

June's GLOSSYBOX Has Arrived!

Hello, what a glorious morning it is!
Nothing better than to sleep in late and wake up to a Glossybox waiting on your table for you. My DH is the best sometimes haha

I've been waiting for this box since Wednesday. This time, it took a few days more to arrive, I wonder if they will have a different shipping date each month? 

The thrill of opening these boxes is well worth the £10 alone. Honestly, shipping this box for an individual would probably run you just half the price, so I'm definitely always excited for the bargain and the surprises.

Having said that, I don't know why I am not as thrilled as I was last month. 
Could the speculations be true? That they made the first box that much more exciting to get people to sign up?  I hope it isn't so really.  Last time we got 2 full size items and this time, so of course when this month's box contained no full size items, I would naturally be disappointed....but here we go with the reveal.

Beautiful Packaging as Last month's

Apparently this cost £30.  I don't know who would pay £30 for this tiny sample, but apparently this serum is worth that.  I used this serum this morning and it was very nice.  It was unscented, went on very smoothly and just added a lot of softness to my face.  Would I pay £30 or £125 for this product, definitely not.

This is perfect.  A cute small perfume sample that I can give my mother in law.  Lalique's perfumes are not as great as their crystals obviously.  In fact, I have smelled their whole range and its demographics are usually older women.  If you like fruity, fresh, and more modern scents, this is not for you.  I was actually just talking to my MIL about Lalique while we were watching Antique roadshow on tv.  Did I tell you that I'm like a 70 year old women in a 30 something year of body? :p

I've seen this brand in Debehams many times since moving here, but I never bit the bullet and bought it.  I am actually glad I didn't.  I used this body scrub in the shower this morning and although I used it while I was wet (instead of applying it on dry skin first), the granaules were too small for me to be honest.  I've smelled this scent before as well with a Bliss product (which is where this brand is usually displayed next too).  I think it's a nice product, I'm not going to bash it, but compared to the NO 7 body scrub that I got on sale for £1, this product just isn't cutting it.  

Although this really is a great product. It's also very cheap. £2.35 will get you a full size can. So I'm not sure how this fits into the "luxury" samples.

And the last item from this box is a mini OPI nail polish.  Now if Glossybox put a full size version, I would have been beyond the moon, but nope just a teeny tiny bottle of an OPI DS Series polish.  I'm quite annoyed, because nowhere does it say it's name! And you know how OPI's minis are, they are incredibly hard to identify (with or without their serial numbers).  However, it is a lovely lovely colour with tons of shimmer and bling like all the OPI Designer series polishes do.

**Edit...My very knowledgable and clever friend Puck, just let me know that this is OPI DS Extravagance.  Oh it's great to know such smart people :p *****

My camera is obviously on strike today and refuses to pick up microglitter.

Ohhhh!! Before I forget.... there were some coupon codes, so I'm going to place the codes in the page above that is entitled coupons/codes.  Enjoy! you can tell the by my overall tone. I'm not really excited.  I really believe that the first box was amazing and that it may have been used as a marketing ploy to get people to sign up.  I was reading on their facebook that they actually have sold out of July and August's box and that they are now taking orders for September.  So it did work, people are catching onto the buzz and wanting this box, but I'm afraid what happened to Birchbox in the states is what's happening here.  I know I have no room to complain since it is overall a decent bargain and with free postage, you really can't complain, but you can't give 2 full size products in the first box and then completely not give any in the second box.  A gradual decline would have been a lot less obvious and not as disappointed to me.  Oh well, let's see how things go next month.  

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