Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Makeup Academy (MUA) - Shade 1 Pearl

I went to Superdrug to pick up their free magazine and after reading so much about MUA, I decided to try it.  The whole concept of this brand is affordable makeup at £1 each.  This reminds me of how much N.Y.C and Wet N Wild cost in the states, so I decided to give it a try.  I've heard nothing but excellent reviews about this product, so was it that good?

I know MUA is very active on facebook and I know they send a lot of their products out for review to certain bloggers.  I'm always weary of hearing that, but I trust that these bloggers are giving honest opinions, otherwise they will lose trust from their readers.

I was not given this, but I got this with my own money, so I'm going to give you the low down on their eyeshadows.

I tested every single colour at the store and my hand and arm looked ridiculous when I walked out lol

For £1, I honestly wasn't expecting much, but was very surprised.
A lot of women won't purchase this, because they will think it's cheap, while a lot of women will purchase it because it's cheap.

So for those who spend more money on eyeshadows, here's where it breaks down.
If you are completely spoiled by Dior, Inglot, Chanel, Suqqu, Guerlain eyeshadows, then yes this will fall slightly short of expectation.

If you are buying Bourjois, Revlon, Max Factor, No 7 and other high street products, you definitely definitely want to stop spending £5+ on eyeshadows and pick yourself up one of these.

* Good colour pay off
* Soft texture

* Weak packaging (what do you expect for £1)
* Fall out

I really don't want to criticise this eyeshadow so much, because in life sometimes you get what you pay for, so for £1, I think these are great travel shadows and especially the one that I got, it makes a great base colour or highlighter.

I personally didn't like the other colours, but this neutral was great for my brow bone highlighting, and it wore quite well for a few hours (with primer of course).

Honestly, if you want to experiment with colour, pick yourself up some MUA to experiment with.  You won't cry if you don't like it for £1.

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