Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My HG Polish: ROCOCO Nail Apparel - Gold Leaf Lacquer

When things get rough, I always force myself to sit there and write down the blessings in my life.  One of the blessings in my life are my internet/forum friends that share my passion and also have a huge heart.  I could not even run this blog, if it wasn't for the generosity and kindness bestowed upon me by my forum friends.  There is something about a community of complete strangers that meet together to talk about something so miniscual as nail polish and beauty products.  It is quite special.  I hold these distant friendships pretty close to me, because I don't really have anyone in my real life who share this level of passion for it. 

 My day is always brightened up by a gift from any of my friends, but this gift made my yeart.  It's extravagant, and absolutely stunning! What could it be, but a nail polish made out of 24k gold flakie leaves HAHA!  DH is not pleased with the price (even though he didn't buy it lol), because he finds it ridiculous that a nail polish cost this much.  I reminded him it was not a nail polish per say, but it was an accent top coat for "special occassions". That's all I could come up with, I know it was horrible, but I was still in shock from receiving this.  

I actually was going to buy this for myself for Christmas and have been putting aside my loose change to fund it, so Christmas came very early for me this year :) :) :)

Ok I'll stop talking now and show you this beauty.

I am afraid to use it haha.
But I know when I'm going to wear it and what with!
I just love it, love love love love!

And come to think of it, my HG bag was also gold!

Louis Vuitton Limelight in Gold

As this bag is much more yellow/24k gold in real life,
I can't wait to carry this bag with my nails to match!

A little backstory about this bag.  It was something that I wanted since I saw the promo pictures of the LV runway show, I believe this was 2007 or 2008. It was right before after I got married, and I remember wanting this bag so badly that my DH saved and splurged on this bag and postponed getting himself studio equipment (that he needed).  It was quite self-less of him, and it really means the world to me.  Him, he means the world to me, not the bag hehe, although the bag does mean a lot to me as well in the material sense. :)

I feel so complete right now, it's a rare feeling for a shopoholic like myself xx

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  1. Love the polish, but gotta admit, love the bag more!! Ha-ha. I know, blasphemy!

  2. Tell DH that, he's still mumbling about the price of that bag (It's been 4 years now lol)