Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ruby & Millie - Blue Nail Polish & Revlon - Star and Belle Nail Polish

I completely forgot I hauled these a couple of months ago.  I ended up keeping only 2 of the Ruby & Millie polishes.  The names are such a bore, ugh.  The polish is literally called blue.  It's a blackened blue creme.  It's nice, but in the grand scheme of polishes, this is truly a snore fest!  Also at the price they were going for (£12), I don't think they are as good as the polishes within that price point range (i.e. Illamasqua, OPI, Nails Inc.).

So I'm going to bore you a bit with this manicure, BUT I promise it gets better :)

See nothing to it.

But I added something for a little more dazzle.  I'm currently involved in this nail polish exchange on tpf called "Secret Astronaut", so a lot of girls are really going out of their way with awesome polishes and packaging.  It's fun, and I'll be sure to post my gifts on here as well whenever they arrive.  So I felt inspired.  The blackened blue base is perfect for a night sky and I added these for stars...

Revlon Star & Belle Glitter Topcoats
I know these are way past season, and in fact I just learned about them on TPF.
But apparently sold out and some lucky gals were picking these up for $2 at Big lots in the states. Well I didn't get these that cheap, but I did get these off someone on facebook (OF ALL PLACES LOL).  She sold them both to me for £5 posted, which I thought was a great price considering Revlon cost over £6 in the shops.

(excuse the pre cleanup :p)

With a dark background colour, I can not tell the different between the glitters LOL
So if you have one of these, you probably don't need the other, but I didn't know that buying these so I have 2 now.  They are decent for being Revlon, but they don't come close to Deborah Lippmann glitters, not even close

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