Thursday, June 23, 2011

China Glaze - Dorothy Who? Nail Polish

Who doesn't love glitter suspended in colour right?  I was obsessed with this finish for quite some time, and the passion was dying until a friend sent this to me. 
Micro shimmery glitter in a blue base. hmmm....time to accent up my NOTD.

Well initially I thought that this would go great with my Illamasqua's Force, but then I realised that this blue is slightly different than the blueberry blue from Force, so I think it clashed, but I still wanted to show you guys for those who don't own China Glaze - Dorothy Who.

IN THE SHADE - To try to show the full glitter power


Dorothy Who has blue and silver micro glitters suspended in a blue base colour.
One coat can be used as a top coat
or 2-3 coats alone for completely opaque colour.

This was purchased on clearance sale at Sally's Beauty, so just because you couldn't afford the line when it first came around, a little patience really pays off.  I think this was around $2 to $3.  

That's the whole thing my friends...
buying the latest and greatest is of course so exciting!!
but... if you wait a little bit, 3 months, maybe even 5-6, you can get things for less than half the price, and I'm so glad my friend got this for me at such a bargain!
makes me even happier :)