Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Haulage Part 1 : Freebies & Cheap Makeup finds

I'm here to show you my massive haul for this week. Yes I know it's only Tuesday, but when there are free makeup giveaways, I go runnin' ! :)

Up first is Jemma Kidd lip gloss with Red Magazine.
It's a summer perfect Pink/coral lippie.

Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine silk touch lipgloss in Coral

Full size. I have absolutely LOVE the citrus scent to this lipgloss, smooth texture and  application.  It's a lovely little lipgloss to throw into your bag and reapply constantly without worrying about using it all up like I do with my precious Chanel lippies.

Next up is my Reiss tank top or vest as they call it here, I had a choice with the white, blue, and grey and of course I went for the grey :) Very thin and just a simple "knock-around" top for home or running to the shop real quick. I'm quite happy with this. Oh and it came with Elle Magazine.

I really do enjoy all these free giveaways, well I love the magazines too. I am very digital and electronic when it comes to everything else in my life, but when it comes to fashion magazines and schedules/planner, I love having it in my hand.

Another item that I picked up was Rescue Oil, which is supposedly a miracle oil to help with scars, stretch marks, and other skin issues. 
The packaging states that it is to be gently massaged in the area you want to moisturise or into your bath.
It apparently helps with:
 * Ageing Skin
* Scar Tissue
* Treatment and prevention of stretch marks
* Before and after pregnancy massage oil
* After sun treatment
* Dry dehydrated skin conditions 
* Therapeutic bath oil
I'll be using this for the latter 2.

 I have never heard of this stuff until I saw Bio-Oil at Boots and went home to google it. I didn't realise that there were all these great reviews on this product.  Then, this past weekend, I forget who's blog I read it from (sorry!) but they said that instead of buying the £9-10 bottle of bio-oil to give Rescue Oil a try for only £1, so I figured....why not? If it doesn't work, I won't cry over £1.
So here it is, it's a strange orange colour due to the peach kernel oil, and it really doesn't have a odour either.  I'll give this a go tonight and report back!

So while I was in poundland buying Rescue oil, I couldn't help myself to stroll around, and saw a bunch of Rimmel lipsticks.  Ok, so I have never worn Rimmel and up until recently, I was a bit of a snob and wouldn't wear makeup unless it was expensive (How delusional was that right?!?!?!) and so I decided to give it a go. For £1 I gave it a go, but honestly I'm not happy with it, it instantly started to make my lips flake. So overall, nice colour, but made my lips flake, so it won't be staying with me.

This is Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in Beach Babe.

So right after Poundland, I popped into Superdrug, because I was getting my friend Gosh Gasoline and Gosh Blue Monday.  As much as those colours are very very very pretty, I'm just not dying to get it for myself.  Maybe because I know I have access to it now. Now watch, Gosh will discontinue them and I'll be here kicking myself in the a$$ for not picking them up lol!

So Gosh is 3 for 2 right now, so I grabbed this one for myself.
Gosh - Lavender Love
Although it is more of a periwinkle ladies.
This is my first Gosh (apart from the holographic one that sucked really badly), so I will do a NOTD soon and report back.

So I am splitting up this haulage into 2 parts, but the second part has to do with my Boots rave and all the Boots items that I got at a bargain bargain price.
To kick off the next part, this is one item that I got for only £2.50.
No 7 nude lipliner (made very popular by Lisa Eldridge) was something that I couldn't pass up with my £5 off voucher.  You get one of these vouchers when you spend £5 or more at Boots, so essentially, you get it for nothing.
This lipliner is suppose to be very flattering and yes it is.  It really is and I'm so freaking happy with this lipliner, because all the liners that I have owned before wore too nude on me or leaned too brown for my liking, and this matches my natural lip colour perfectly!
I just found my favourite lip liner!

So yes, next up will be my Boot's haul.

But before I go, I HAVE to share with you the strawberries that I picked from my in law's garden. So cute!

Ok Will be back with Part 2!


  1. Ha-ha. That shirt came with a magazine?! I love it!!

  2. I've been dying to get my hands on that liner, I saw LE's review on it too, she uses it constantly!

    Love the coral gloss, does it go on dark or light?
    BTW, why is the Gosh bottle you pictured special edition?

  3. LL - Too bad I'm not a size xxs, but it will be a great shirt to sleep in :)
    Bunny - Yes the liner is awesome! try target, I know they sell NO 7 stuff, and coral gloss goes on very sheer with a hint of color.
    The gosh bottles are a spring line.

  4. Size XXS? I need to move to the UK!!