Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NOTD: Butter London Henley Regatta

So my husband says that Henley Regatta is "some toffee-nosed boat race"...lol.
I had no idea what Henley Regatta was except for a polish that I wanted from Butter London. ha ha.

So here she is, in her glorious shimmery beauty.  She has a jelly base with tons of blue and green glitter. She's beautiful, but took me 4 coats to achieve this. The application went smooth, but it does dry with texture from the glitter.

Beautiful yeah?

This polish is definitely not the usual that I reach for, but it brightened up my day!


  1. 4 coats! wowsa but sure looks pretty

  2. I wonder why this never caught my eye? Now I must have it! 4 coats is a walk in the park after my 7 coats of Nfu 53. Ha-ha!

  3. 7 coats of Nfu 53, that's a lot!
    Ahh the things we do for a glitter-tastic mani :)