Saturday, May 28, 2011

Review: LORAC - 3D-Licious, 3D-Mension, 3D-Luxe Eye Shadows

Happy Saturday everyone.
I'm here, just drinking my coffee and having a relaxed morning (for once).

Today I wanted to swatch the Lorac eyeshadows that I was given a few months ago during a forum gift exchange.  Periodically throughout the year, ladies participate in a gift exchange called RAOK (Random act of kindness), where you get a secret name and you shop for that person and you ship off their gift.  In exchange, you will also get a gift from someone else.  It's quite fun, as long as everyone does their end.  In the past we had a lot of drama, but luckily the last RAOK went very smoothly.

My secret person sent me these after seeing that I was wishing for it. It was a limited edition gift set from Ulta and for some reason, my Ulta never had it. So I was really really surprised to have gotten this :) - Sorry Bunny it's taken me this long to do a proper review on it.

These eyeshadows are none like I have in terms of colour. I'll get into that a little bit later. First, the texture is of high calibre.  Smooth as can be..I'm talking - Dior & Inglot buttery texture.  You dip your finger in it and literally you can feel the shadow give in.  It is very nice! The Colors are highly pigmented and duochrome. the nail polish world, duochrome is drool worthy, so I wanted to have these to see if that same effect on the eye.

From Left To Right
3D-Mension, 3D-Luxe, 3D-Licious

3D-Mension has a bronze/pink duochrome
3D-Luxe has a beige and pink/peach duochrome
and 3D-Licious has a brown and teal duochrome

My favorite of the three has to be 3D-Mension and 3D-Luxe. 3D-Licious's colors mix together to create a shade that's a bit too red for me on the eyes.  I personally don't like that shade on me, so that is why it's not my favorite, but it is by far the silkiest of all 3.

I may be way too late, but I haven't seen poignant duochromes such as these in any shadow.  I'm going to play with these for both daytime and nighttime look.  I believe that Menion and Luxe will be great for day time and then when you add Licious, it will pump it up for a smokey evening look, and if all else fails, then Licious will become an eyeliner for me.

Overall, texture + unique duochrome = one good product!

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  1. Just glad it worked for you after you lemming'd for it for so long!