Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Illamasqua - Whack

Well it's everything but whack
(lol sorry I couldn't control myself)

I won this baby on ebay for around £3 and I was nervous about it since I haven't rocked orange nails, let alone neon orange since 2002 during my raving days lol.

So when the blogs and beauty world embraced Dior's Aloha and every other orange out there, I really was eager to give it another go.

Here she is....loud and obnoxious and here for summer

(It is much more candy orange than the red/orange that appears here)

I can't say enough about Illamasqua's formula. Smooth without streaks, I honestly don't mind their high price points and will be picking up Raindrops at full retail, because the other 3 Illamasqua's that I own have just been excellent.

Here is my mani, 2 coats and shockingly the orange from the bottle did not transfer onto my nails, in fact as you can see, I got a red/orange hue instead. Slightly disappointed, because I already own a red/orange polish and really wanted a bright tangerine instead.

(this is the most accurate of all the photos)

I just don't get how it looks so much lighter in the bottle, and I just don't get why my camera auto filters this into a red.
Either way, it's loud and the most interesting thing occurred after 1 coat. It dried matte. A jelly matte, which I wasn't expecting.

So it's orange enough for me, the disappointment doesn't make this a complete failure, because the formula is just that excellent.  This sort of polish calibre just makes me feel much easier about dropping £13.50 on the next Illamasqua I'll be buying.

Oh and speaking of orange...
It is definitely spring here in England. The oriental Poppies are blossoming!

Orange just seems to be the color of the day :)

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  1. Ohhh.. Pretty! I don't think I've ever encountered a Jelly Matte before. Awesome.

    Those poppies are gorgeous! Someone's loving orange today. :)