Sunday, May 22, 2011

A forum, an obsession, and day out nail polish hunting

When one has an obsession, one can either indulge secretly or share their obsession with someone else. In my case, I share in a public forum full of women with the same obsession as me. So I feel normal when I am there amongst all the other polish lovers.

It is through the love of nail polish and other beauty products, I've come to talk to some interesting people and then some really "interesting" people lol.
But overall, it is all in good fun.

Today I met up with one of them physically and we did what we love to do for nail polish! And victoriously we shopped.

I can't show everything I got, because a huge portion were gifts, but I did grab some for could I not. The shopping was contagious.

I wanted to show you all quickly what I was able to get in the clearance section and a clearing out sale as well.

China Glaze: Pelican Brief, Below Deck, and Sea Spray

My China glazes with flash

Boots is having their 3 for 2 sale, so i got 2 bottles as gifts and picked up Grey Day for myself

Ruby & Millie were 75% off!!!!
For some reason, it looks like my Boots is getting rid of these
Bargain!  I really wanted to try these, but at the prices that they were retailing for, I really didn't want too try them, but now I will be able too.

My Ruby & Millie with flash
I'm going to do a review on these. I did quickly swatch these, and what you see in the bottle is NOT what you get on your nails, it was quite odd, but more to come on that

So although they were not the latest collection, I really didn't mind, because sometimes patience pays off, in my case, 50-75% off.

I had a blast picking these up and spending some real life time with a fellow nail polish addict today. 


  1. Wahoo!! You got some wishlist items :)

    Those Ruby and Millie's look Dark and Vampy. I want swatches!! Please?

  2. Ruby & Millie!!??? Never heard of them. I can't wait to see on you!